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Posted by Nicky on November 07, 1999 at 20:15:56:

In Reply to: Re: Problems with School System posted by Terry S. on November 07, 1999 at 18:56:34:


Thanks for your response. My son is in 504 at least for the last two months. My problem is they are not following the plan that they set and tell me they have done everything they can for him. I strongly disagree with them and when I let them know this they get very offended. Its like they want me to do just what they say even though its my child. I am very upset with the whole situation and its literally making me sick. I am activly persuring other options to help my son but I need thier cooperation. They are acting like I am depriving him of something he needs. I would never do that I want the best for my son and thats why I am fighting them. He has not even been percribed any meds yet but they are telling me that that is the only thing that will help him. I do not have the money for a private school and the little money I have is being invested in other doctors, advocates and probably legal fees soon.


: As I posted in your other messages. Your son has a right to an education. You do not
: have to pay for a private school as Sunstorm suggested. It is a good suggestion don't
: get wrong but I have looked into programs and if you can afford $4K a month then
: go for it! I wish I could. But under the 504 act if your school system cannot provide
: an education for your childs disability then THEY have to pay for it. My nephew
: is autisic, OCD, and a bevy of other mental disabilites and his school system
: did not have a program for him so he is bused to a wonderful high school especially
: for kids just like him. I agree with Sunstorm about the drugs. If you do not want
: your son taking them then don't. But I think she is off the mark saying that alot
: of kids abuse Ritalin like marijana, cocaine, and crack! Your child is six. If you
: do the medication thing, you control his dose, not him! I don't let my 14 year old
: carry her medication around and let her take her pills when she wants! I grew up
: in the sixties and seventies. I know alot about abusing controlled substances.
: I won't go too far into this, but to abuse a controlled substance, you have to have
: alot more than what the doctor writes out in a script. They only give you enough
: for one month and it is very controlled. I can't even get them to call it into the
: pharmacy. I have to have the script mailed to me and we go back to the doctor
: every 6 months. We are in constant contact with him when we need to have
: an adjustment. And the office questions it everytime I call. But people can
: abuse any medication if you do not watch them. What I'm saying is if you
: have to use meds, don't be scared away because of what was said.
: Not everyone has the capibility for being a drug abuser. Kinda like an alcoholic.
: Granted ADD type personalities tend to go that way. But that is a generalization!
: Don't base any knowledge on generalizations.
: You have to use common sense.
: Terry S.

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