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Posted by Krisha on July 26, 2000 at 01:29:38:

I wanted to respond to some of the messages here about withdrawing from xanax. At one point in my life i peaked at taking 11mg per day. The addiction started off small, with me taking a mg here and there to get through the work day. When i was on xanax, i made some very bad choices in life and did things that i cannot take back. I was definitely not in my right mind and needed help. I seriously considered suicide and used to go wandering the streets in the middle of the night hoping to die somewhere. Somehow.. I found my way to a psychiatrist who took me off the xanax by putting me on small dosages of clorazepam and tapering off my xanax. Every two weeks i would visit him and we'd progress further. I didn't have much to live for at the time (so i thought), and then i found my way into a health food store. By talking to some of the people there and establishing a relationship with a few knowledgeable people, and my changing my diet and exercising, i was able to come COMPLETELY off the xanax. i no longer have cravings or withdrawal, neither has this permanently damaged me. I used to search the internet while on this drug and didn't see much hope out there. i now have a good job and a man i love, but it came from a deep desire to be off of this drug. i do not take any sort of drug at all anymore. i still experience anxiety and other feelings periodically, (as so do most people), but i go to more natural methods and i exercise. Unfortunately, when you are deep in the throws of taking xanax, the last thing you want to do is get off your butt and exercise, but it does wonders. i sleep 1000% better since i've been off xanax.
The thing i would suggest if someone you love is on xanax, is go to your local health food store and talk to someone that is knowledgeable. Get them to give you literature and titles of books you can reference. Go to your loved one with readings on lifestyle, rescue remedy, st johns, sam-e, etc, anything you can to give them hope. Most people at these types of stores have a genuine interest in helping you and will go out of their way to do so.
Good luck.

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