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Posted by Veronica on August 07, 2000 at 09:09:32:

In Reply to: Re: Sex and crack addiction posted by experienced on August 06, 2000 at 18:10:27:

: :
: : : : After becoming addicted to smoking crack what becomes of your sex drive.? Is sex now a letdown? Is the "high" you get better from smoking crack that much better than a climax? Are the two related? Can a normal climax trigger your brain to think...that was great sex but its even better to smoke crack.. My husband and I are trying to rebuild a relationship after a short lived addiction on his part to crack...He is off of it but nothing is the same...The trust is gone..The man is 54 years old....(Not a typo)...Went through some kind of mid life crisis.. .Until a year ago the perfect man....father,,husband...etc...He seems to be back but I just can't believe anything...The sex thing is bothering me..I feel like I am not special anymore and that crack cocaine is so much better...Are they related in any way? Thanks for your input...I truly am naive...
: : : I am your husband, meaning I was in the same palce as him, as I am the same age and married, etc, when I chucked it al for the "pipe".
: : : I can tell you what happened after 8 years, off the pipe, re my marrage, etc.
: : : I do not want to post to a public board, but will send email if you want.
: : : I will respond to your address directly if you want to talk.

: : Experienced: Thanks for responding but I am hesitant to give out my e-mail...Can you share anything on this board? Did you and your wife
: : find your way back? I am still in a painful daze and can't believe the "good guy" I married could be addicted to crack..He did nothing before this but have a couple of beers..Please share your experience...I think everyone on this board would benefit...Thank you

: Well, all I can say is that if you want things
: to work, forget about the "crack" period of
: his life, and move on. If you do not trust him,
: it will create a barrier in your marrage, that
: will drive him back to the pipe.
: I can say that things can heal, but it requires
: work.
: If you can not forgive, then you are wasting your
: time.

Thanks again for you input ..Trust and forgiveness are a seperate issue and that is not what I asked about. I don't mind the work but I am searching for knowledge. Can you tell me how crack affected your sex drive? During the time you used and after you stopped? Are the two connected.? I would appreciate this information from anyone willing to share.

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