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Posted by richard on August 31, 2000 at 00:11:33:

Hello all

I've read so many messages that my eyes are about to cross and I think this board can help me.

My wife has hit bottom today (i think) she has been drinking for quite a while and progressively has gotten worse. For the last six months or so things have got'n way out of control. I detached from the situation where I could cope and continue to make a living. I hired a nanny for our two boys 8&4 just to make sure they were looked after. Anyway back to helping my wife, She has been sick for 2 days now. throwing up, sleeping, throwing up, not eating. When I got her to talk to me she said she wanted help. I beleive her this time. When I asked how much or what she drinks she would not tell me anything but a lot.
When I asked her if she was taking any pills, to my surprise she says " xannex" "prozac" and some pain killers. I know I haven't been a very good husband to her but It's not easy dealing with someone who drinks and thinks everybody around is such a dumbass that they don't know youv'e been drinking. Onward, She would not let me call our doctor for help. she does not want the whole town to know about her little problem. I thought I would come on-line tonight and see if I could dig something up.

What do i do?
Can I handle this myself?
Can I handle it at home?

Another question ? Why in the world would our doctor prescribe those medications for my wife. Some of them she has been taking over two years.

thanks in advance

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