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Posted by John on September 06, 2000 at 11:36:50:

I have been reading a ton of post about people that have been taking vicodin or hydrocodone for an extended
period of time, and also with increased dosage. Everyone wants to know, "Well, if they make me feel better
work better, when I am on them, why come off, since I feel like shit when I do come off." Well listen up
people because this will help answer that question, and let you take control off your life. The reason one
becomes addicted to drugs, is because somewhere in your head you are depressed, and the drug makes
you feel better when you are on them. Now depression can be many different things, stress with work and
children, stress with how you think you are living your life, stress with growing old or farther away from your
dreams, it could be anything that is getting you a little down, but not enough to take hold of your everyday
life, so when you start taking the pain meds, you beging to feel better. But the sure way not to battle depression
is with drug addiction. Finally to my story. I have had 2 operations and been giving the vicodin, liked it, but never
really pursued getting more prescriptions. Then I was getting a little drepressed and noticed that I was using
legit pain to recive mass quantities of the drug, when deep down inside I really did not need them that much.
To make a long story short, my whole spring and summer was ruined with the addiction, relationship started
to sour, got lazy, and turned into a home body, while stop going to the gym and running, and so on. So this
is what I did, I stopped cold turkey (and I was up to taking about 15 vicodin a day, during the last month of
my addiction) and was on and off the drug for about 8 months. So, after stopping cold turkey, I went throught the
withdrawel symptom. Feels more or less like a bad flu with hot/cold sweats, light headiness, stomach upset,
feeling tired. But aftter the 2nd day, the symptoms began to gradually go away, with sex drive returning immediatley
, now you ask, but why do you feel better off the drug, than on the drug. One word "Prozac". Go on a low
dose of prozac to control your depression a bit, and this will give you more energy and happiness than before,
and then when you are off the addiction of vicodin, you really know that you are better off without the drug,
than with it controlling your life. Being on the drug is an enigma, it is a controlled substance, because it
is addicting, and the way you feel on it, makes you think that you need it to function. You dont. In fact I am
scheduled to get another surgery in one month, and have decided to get a epideral instead of getting pumped up
filled wth meds, and when I am recovering, the only thing I am taking is aspirin. You dont see messages
on this board about people being addicted to tylenol. Goodluck to all, and get on the prozac, because 9 times
out of ten, the reason you are addicted is because of some form of depression. PS Prozac takes about a month before
you feel its effects, you will not notice the effects, but your friends and family will for sure!

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