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Posted by Kevin on September 10, 2000 at 19:11:09:

In Reply to: To kb from Victoria re: pot addiction posted by Victoria on September 08, 2000 at 02:14:09:

: Hi kb,

: Just read your posting. I wanted to comment on the kids "knowing". My 10 year old recently found out. Not by seeing us, but by thinking about certain times we are alone, behind locked doors. We told him that we don't like being addicted, and that we'll try to stop. We also told him that we will not discuss it to extent. We view it as an adult matter. I won't discuss my pot-smoking with my child no more than I would talk about my sex life. It's a (bad) personal choice made by me, and not until I was 18 years old. We've discussed how easy it is to be addicted, and that it is definitely, definitely, wrong for a person under 18 to even start.

: Neither child has ever seen us smoke. We do it when they are in bed, or out of the house. Now and then, we lock the bedroom door, to "talk", but rarely since he found out.

: You said that when you kicked, you were less scatterbrained, and more focused. Well, when I DO smoke, I'm that way. I get very amibitious, like doing housework, writing bills, etc. A psychopharmacologist I once had told me that I have a "reverse" reaction to it. My mind sharpens, and I'm extemely focused. I don't work outside the home, so no employer to worry about. The guilt comes mainly from the money we spend, which is about $100 a month. That's a lot in a blue collar world......

: Thanks for your posting.

: Victoria

The readin is really interesting.
I too have been smokin for years. i don't try to justify. I just ask how is it hurting me? Is it hurting me? Is it hurting others? A am clean from booze and drugs for over ten years. i have no urge to drink or do other drugs, but i will light one up after a hard mental day to give me a release from all the bull of the day. No con no guilt, just as simple as a martini at night for relaxation. My counseler once told me Screw Guilt it will make your life feel like crap and torure you till you die. Not for me. If you can afford them in all the ways mental spirit, and physical..light it up! Amsterdamn has it right.
They don't put out the guilt trip. It's legal there and because of that the majority doesn't smoke, so I would say its not for all

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