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Posted by Mike on September 12, 2000 at 00:08:48:

In Reply to: lorcet addiction posted by marti on September 11, 2000 at 07:58:00:

: I have a friend who is addicted to lorcet. He has been in jail for the past seven months, not because of the drugs, but because he resorted to theft to help pay for his addiction. He is a good guy with deep seated Christian morals. He knows what he did was wrong and feels much remorse for what he did to support his addiction. I know he is sincere in his remorse, and he doesn't want to go back to the pills right now, but my question is this: how hard is it going to be for him when he gets out to resist the physical and mental craving? I am in a good position to speak in his behalf to maybe get him an early release (he was sentenced to two years for the theft of a $70 radio), but I would like to know what he will be up against when he is released. He does have a good support system with his family, friends and church family. Though I do feel that his sentence was harsh, and that the DA may have ulterior motives for not granting him his freedom ( he has saved the county thousands of dollars by doing concrete work for them), I would hate to think that by trying to help him I had something detrimental to his recovery. Thanks in advance for any information.

I, too, went to jail for theft to support an opiate addiction (percodan, lorcet, darvocet, etc.). I was sentenced to 90 days for a first time offender program. I also was (am) very active in my church and had and have great support. The question is how committed to recovrery is he? I had bottomed out and really saw that I couldn't run my own life anymore. Only Jesus and submitting to His will could I possibly have a chance at life. He needs to seek treatment if released. Also he needs to find out WHY he wants to take drugs. What in his life is so inadequate that he needs to artificially medicate to a mental state that is tolerable in his mind. I know that I wouldn't want to ever face all the pains and anguish in my life, going back to childhood. I had a fairly normal childhood, but I didn't respond correctly to it in some ways, and later in life (I'm 45) it was easier to "numb" myself. But enough of me. Your friend will have some strict parole guidelines if released, including random ua's I assume. He needs to be open and honest about ALL his connections, etc.. A book that really ministered to me was Larry Crabb's "Inside-out". The change must come from the inside-out. External changes don't and won't do any good. Check out a website called "Freedom in Christ". They have a Freedom from Addictions ministry and it really worked for me. If your friend is a christian, he will benefit from it. Mike Quarles was a pastor alcoholic who finally found his freedom and now has a powerful ministry to me and others around the US. But, again, the change must come from within him. Don't enable him by getting him out of jail. By the way, he is in jail precisely because of his drug use. I doubt he would have stolen a radio if he didn't need to support a drug habit. Don't allow ANY denial at any point to creep in. Good luck. Let me know. I'm praying for you and him.

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