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Posted by Gary on September 23, 2000 at 10:58:47:

In Reply to: Re: Are You Having Problems Coming Off Of A Vicodin Addiction: This will help posted by lucy on September 06, 2000 at 18:36:54:

: : I have been reading a ton of post about people that have been taking vicodin or hydrocodone for an extended
: : period of time, and also with increased dosage. Everyone wants to know, "Well, if they make me feel better
: : work better, when I am on them, why come off, since I feel like shit when I do come off." Well listen up
: : people because this will help answer that question, and let you take control off your life. The reason one
: : becomes addicted to drugs, is because somewhere in your head you are depressed, and the drug makes
: : you feel better when you are on them. Now depression can be many different things, stress with work and
: : children, stress with how you think you are living your life, stress with growing old or farther away from your
: : dreams, it could be anything that is getting you a little down, but not enough to take hold of your everyday
: : life, so when you start taking the pain meds, you beging to feel better. But the sure way not to battle depression
: : is with drug addiction. Finally to my story. I have had 2 operations and been giving the vicodin, liked it, but never
: : really pursued getting more prescriptions. Then I was getting a little drepressed and noticed that I was using
: : legit pain to recive mass quantities of the drug, when deep down inside I really did not need them that much.
: : To make a long story short, my whole spring and summer was ruined with the addiction, relationship started
: : to sour, got lazy, and turned into a home body, while stop going to the gym and running, and so on. So this
: : is what I did, I stopped cold turkey (and I was up to taking about 15 vicodin a day, during the last month of
: : my addiction) and was on and off the drug for about 8 months. So, after stopping cold turkey, I went throught the
: : withdrawel symptom. Feels more or less like a bad flu with hot/cold sweats, light headiness, stomach upset,
: : feeling tired. But aftter the 2nd day, the symptoms began to gradually go away, with sex drive returning immediatley
: : , now you ask, but why do you feel better off the drug, than on the drug. One word "Prozac". Go on a low
: : dose of prozac to control your depression a bit, and this will give you more energy and happiness than before,
: : and then when you are off the addiction of vicodin, you really know that you are better off without the drug,
: : than with it controlling your life. Being on the drug is an enigma, it is a controlled substance, because it
: : is addicting, and the way you feel on it, makes you think that you need it to function. You dont. In fact I am
: : scheduled to get another surgery in one month, and have decided to get a epideral instead of getting pumped up
: : filled wth meds, and when I am recovering, the only thing I am taking is aspirin. You dont see messages
: : on this board about people being addicted to tylenol. Goodluck to all, and get on the prozac, because 9 times
: : out of ten, the reason you are addicted is because of some form of depression. PS Prozac takes about a month before
: : you feel its effects, you will not notice the effects, but your friends and family will for sure!

: prozac is really exspensive...especially if someone has no job OR insurance...What about the medication called DOXEPIN ? ? I started it 3 days ago..It's for depression.

Message to Lucy regarding Vicodin amd Prozac.:
Thank You.
Your response is totally correct. I suffer from a addictive personality like every one else who posts on this site. I have quit the vicodin and have started taking 2 prozac daily at the advice ofmy Doctor.
It seems to be workimg fine.

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