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Posted by princess on October 11, 2000 at 14:01:43:

My boyfriend has been on probation for a drug charge and has been having to take court ordered UA's for months. He's been doing great until he slipped up once and took some Xanax and went on a binge that caused him to come up dirty on his UA and now he will be going to jail for 6 mos. When he found out he was going to jail, he started doing heroin. He had snorted it a few times before we got together, but hadn't done it since then. (I know, I know, everyone says he's probably just been lying about it, but he wasn't because I was there the night he asked another friends who's just coming off of it where to get it AND he's been coming up clean in court for months) He snorted it last Tuesday night and Thursday all day and night I think (he won't tell me much about it and in fact will barely talk to me at all) He started shooting it Friday (which he had never done before) and told me Sunday night and Monday that he was already addicted and having bad withdrawal. My friend that just came off of it said that it was mental, because he wouldn't have physical withdrawal symptoms that fast. Does anyone know how quickly one becomes addicted? He led me to believe Monday that he was ready to quit and get ready for his jail stint. (he has a warrant and they'll be coming to get him anyday) All he has done for the past two days is sleep and from what I have read, this is not generally a withdrawal symptom of heroin. Bottom line, can he really be as addicted as he says he is in just a week? Is his sleep maybe just caused by depression or can it really be the withdrawal? Any help would be greatly appreciated because I'm losing him and I don't know what to do.

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