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Posted by Jes on October 18, 2000 at 11:46:05:

Hi, I am new here at this board. I have looked though the past postings, and I noticed a bunch of postings down lower, I thought I could bring the discussion closer to the top. My intent was to see if anyone else felt like pot was taking over their life. I am functioning (sort of), but I am also worried. Here is my story:

I am 22 years old. Female. I used in high school, quite a bit. I was always stoned at school, at home, and while I was sleeping. I used to go to a lot of rave parties, where used more than just pot. In my last year of high school I stopped smoking (both pot and cigarettes). I went to college and I got a great job. I met the man of my dreams and the only thing that bothered me was his smoking pot so much. He didn't do it as much around me, so I didn't think it was going to be a problem. We got married, and he showed me just how much he liked to smoke. As the months go on, he has started to smoke more. Because it is in the house, I started using recreationally (weekends). But now I am on it every day. I have developed a dependency to it. I am convinced that I cannot sleep without it. That movies would be so much better with it, that I can feel better when I smoke. I know it is terrible, but I just cannot stop it. My husband does not see that he and I are addicted. I do not know how to let him know. I want to quit, but I know that I can't because there is always at least a quarter at home. Some of you guys complained about how expensive it is, but both my husband and I have good jobs, and we can afford it. But like Victoria, I don't want to have children and smoke pot. My husbands friends all smoke pot, and around their children as well. I don't want that.

So my questions that I would like to know are:
- How can I let my husband know that we are addicted without uspetting our relationship?
- Where can I find an Marijuana Annonomous? I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
- Do any of you who quit take any vitamin/mineral supplements to allow your body to recover easier?

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