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Posted by Victoria on October 18, 2000 at 19:31:01:

In Reply to: RE: Marijuana - Anyone else addicted? posted by Jes on October 18, 2000 at 11:46:05:

Dear Jes,

I read your story, and I know EXACTLY what you are going through.

First, an update on me........ My husband and I have been straight almost 8 weeks now. I finally laid down the law, and said "This is it, no more". I had to do it. He had always said that it was going to take me getting angry enough to forbid it, and I did. It has NOT been easy, I'll tell you that. He was very bitter toward me at first. We are both, to this day, craving it. We don't spend as much "fun" time as we used to, and it's made me very sad. I have to constantly reinforce him. Telling him the money we're saving, not having to hide anything from the kids, beating the addiction, etc.

Now, about your hubby....... He'll probably tell you that you are not addicted, that you both could quit at any time, etc. You know in your heart that it's not true. He may say that he'll quit when you have kids (he won't). You DO have to confront him, and tell him your concerns. Don't let him wear you down. I don't want to see anyone else end up like us. I'm close to 40, and he's almost 41. We both started at 18. All of those years were wasted. Literally. You'll start to tell yourself that you can't enjoy life without pot. You've already admitted that you don't think you can sleep without it. My husband tried that one on me, too. Said he had to have it to sleep at night. Bull.

When I was in the midst of the addiction, I typed in the keyword "Marijuana Anonymous" on the computer. It brought me to a website, that is an online support group of MA. You can also hook up with other recovering addicts via e-mail. I don't know whether it's for Canada or not, but I think it did say "worldwide".

I hope you nip this problem in the bud (no pun intended!), soon. I can also tell you that the first month or so will be hell. Your body does go through a withdrawal. I don't know if it's psychological or physcial, but it certainly can be hard.

I'm sorry my response was so long, but I want you to know what road lies ahead of you if you don't do something NOW. Please, please, please post back on this board and let me know how you are. I feel your pain, and understand completely.

I wish you much luck.


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