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Posted by Victoria on October 20, 2000 at 18:40:59:

In Reply to: Re: Victoria - Thanks for the re-inforcement posted by Jes on October 19, 2000 at 09:46:53:

: Victoria,

: I didn't use it last night. I got about 2-3 hours of sleep. I talked to my husband, and told him that there were a lot of people on this board mentioning that pot broke up their marriage. I told him that I would appreciate it if he was to not do it around me anymore, that I was going to try to quit. After leaving him to think about what I said, he told me he was going to slow down, because he doesn't want to lose me. So I have a little bit of support now. I just hope that it works. Last night was killer for me. It took everything out of me not to grab the pipe... I ended up moving to the couch where I was able to get a few Zzzzz's. Wish me luck.


I DO wish you lots and lots of luck. You'll need it.

Me - I'm not doing so well. Husband was heaving heavy sighs all of last night. He does that when he's jonesin'. Practically every day. He acts like the world is ending. One night, I told him that I was concerned, because he seemed so unhappy. He responded "What have I got to be happy about?". Ouch. For starters, how about me, and our two wonderful sons? Well, apparently, that's not good enough for him, not if he can't get high. He's more or less emotionally blackmailing me. It's been without actually saying it, but I confronted him last night, and he admitted to it. His theory - I'll be happy again, but only if you let us get back to smoking pot. If not, we'll continue to be miserable. Now, what the hell am I supposed to do? I don't work outside of the home, have no place to go, and I'm stuck in this void of unhappiness. I hope it doesn't happen to you this way. Please be aware of warning signs. He promised me for 15 years to "slow down", and it NEVER happened. Is your husband slowing down? I'm curious.

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