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Posted by RANDY on October 26, 2000 at 20:43:03:

I smoked Marijuana for 3 years straight. Not just
a joint a day. On average 3grams a day. I am
in s.texas. Weed here is $150.00 for a QP of mexican
so price wasnt a problem.My last year of smoking it
was pure homegrown sensimia and finger hash. ALL NIGHT
LONG.On average i was sober only 2 hours after waking and eating then it was bong time and irc chat time.
I was also Taking darvocett 10 at a time 2 or 3 times a week.While withdrawing from darvocett i was down on
life and just losing my gf tried to kill myself nd
when cops arrived threatened to blow them up also.
i was arrested for deadly conduct. i quit smoking
the weed 2 weeks before my court date in case they drug tested me but kept up with the darvocett.
It has now been over 4 months without using any weed.
I cant describe how good it is to actually remember
things. It was 1 1/2 months before my memory was back!
I would open cans of pepsi and forget where i set it so have
to open another. cans of half full pepsi's all over the house. heha. My first week without weed i would get night sweats and hard time sleeping then it was pretty easy but my memory and interest in things
around me didnt start getting better til a month and more after and still i am learning how to live without
it.One thing i really am having a hard time is,is with
patience. I had learned instant gratification and
even now have to slow myself down and pace myself on
whatever i am doing or i will get frustrated.I am still
taking darvocett and addicted as hell to them. On average i take 12 a day. They are the only drug i can take while
on probation since i got a doctors note for it.
I usually end up sufering 8 days or so before i get my next script. My doctor knows i am addicted and told
my mother while she was in for a cold next time i come in he will give me a medication that helps with the withdraws. Has anyone
used anything for darvocett withdraws that actually
worked for them? My withdraw symptoms are feeling
like i hate the world,depressed,missing my x gf (only durring withdraw thank god she is gone) after 5-7 days
without them the depression gets better but i still crave them like crazy and always go back. sigh.
Any ideas?


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