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Posted by Bob on October 31, 2000 at 00:58:35:

In Reply to: Some Answers to your Questions............. posted by To Bob from Victoria on October 21, 2000 at 21:18:33:

: :

: : That is a bummer that you can't do it once in a while.

: : I hope that someone out there has some better solutions for you than I do. What about joining a gym and becoming an excercise demon?? You do get a great high from lifting weights or distance running - AND- you have no trouble falling asleep!!

: : I have had a few discussions with friends about legalizing all drugs or at the very least pot.

: : 1) Do you think that is a good idea or a bad one?

: : 2) If it were legal, would you be upset if hubby used it then?

: : Good luck!! I hope that you find the answer.

: : BOB

: Dear Bob,

: No, you didn't upset me at all. If I didn't want honest opinions, I wouldn't post here!

: Yes, I firmly believe that marijuana should be legalized. I personally believe that it is a LOT safer than alcohol, especially with the number of people killed by drunk drivers every day. I think that if they legalized pot, and used the "sin tax", as they do with cigarettes and alcohol, we could eliminate many other taxes in this country.

: If it WERE legal, I would not have a problem with either of us using it. But, being parents, we have to be a good example to our children. Doing something illegal and costly is harmful to them, even though we have NEVER done it around them. We have friends that smoke in front of their kids, and I get very upset about it.

: Don't you think that legalizing marijuana (not harder stuff, though) would create a huge tax revenue for the US? It also would empty out a lot of jail cells, and take away a lot of drug trade from foreign countries. Also, our American farmers would be able to grow a crop that actually could put food on their tables.

: So, yes, I do agree with you. Unfortunately, if George W. gets elected, it won't happen any time soon...........

: I really enjoy hearing your point of view. Thank you for replying to me!

: Victoria


Hi Victoria -- 30 October 2000

I really am in favor of legalising drugs. I think that there is no question that the 'war on drugs' is a failure. I wonder how many more people would become addicts and have problems compared to the numbers today.

I cringed when I read about that big drug bust in Fiji yesterday or the day before. They said that they had found 500 million dollars worth of heroin. If that is a big number (and it sounds pretty big to me) then I think that the following will happen;

-- price of heroin on the street will go up.

-- addicts who need to rob, steal or whatever to get their money for drugs will become more and more desperate. That will increase the amount of violence on the street,,,,,,,,,,,

-- which means that more people will get hurt
etc. etc. etc..

-- more and more people will end up in jail for violence, possession, dealing etc..

Society ends up paying for all of that in one way or another. The cost of trials, policing, housing prisoners, providing them health care - not to mention the people who get hurt by an addict.

Obviously anyone would be concerned about more people doing drugs, but with all the money that is saved by the govt. making money on the drugs and not having to spend so much on policing etc. I think that the programs aimed at prevention and rehab. would be funded alot better than they are now and if someone needed help he/she could get it right away.

I do buy into the argument that addiction is a disease and should be treated by health care providers and not the police.

There are alot of people in the world who drink without becoming alcoholics and who don't drink at all - but maybe they have not found their 'drug of choice' because they did not have access to them? I read a couple of reports done about addicts alot of whom said that they knew they were going to have a problem with a drug the first time that they did it because they felt so good.

I don't know, I'm rambling. I think that the hardest thing would be to criminalize drugs a few years after making them legal (assuming that legalization didn't work like we thought that it might).

One thing is clear. What is happening right now is NOT working and it seems to be getting worse and worse...

Any thoughts?????//Bob

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