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Posted by James Langton on November 13, 2000 at 20:14:24:

In Reply to: Re: marijuana addiction posted by Krista on November 13, 2000 at 11:48:51:

: James,
: Thanks soooo much for your support and encouragement. A part of me is proud of my ability to quit at all, but the temptation is so strong to go back. To do so would mean I would no longer be in my current relationship with a wonderful man. I'm ashamed to admit I'm tempted to leave him for pot. Thanks for the tip about yoga and meditation. That's a great idea I hadn't thought about. I used to meditate and now would be a good time to start again. How are you doing? That is absolutely amazing that you are quitting after 25 years. Amazing. What strength you have to even consider it, let alone do it. You are an inspiration. I figure if you can do it, I can, too. Thanks again.
: Krista

Hi K just got your note, I'm glad you got mine and it was of some support for you. I'm doing alright just done my first 24 hours with no pot and am doing ok I feel like somthing is missing but at the moment It's just the idea of smoke rather than the reality it's nice having a clear head this time of night which makes a change for me.
In a way I had no choice but to give/grow up I'm going to be 44 in a few weeks and although I figure I'm going to live well past 88 half of my life is probably over and I owe it to myself to experience the rest of it sober, or at least the next three months which I've promised myself.
My motivation is very clear I want to fufill my potential as a human being.
in many ways I lead an isolated life now for all this time I've had this secret life my parents and sisters don't know I used pot my clients at work dont know I used pot the people at the yoga centre I attend definately dont know I'm a pot head, just a few few old friends, other smokers; good people, but basically people who have put pot at the centre of their lives none of them have children good jobs or in most cases steady relationships a mirror for me. I'm tired of the secret life I've been leading and am finally ready to grow up in touch with reality as it is. My motivation is out their in front of me I would like to be in a loving relationship and I would like to do some things with my life that will benifit others as well as myself, I'm sure I can achieve these simple things when I begin to find the new energy which will come from just not being stoned 24/7 Krista what is it that you really, really want in your life? perhaps like me the good stuff that you want is scary and pot is a great way of sabotaging things so that you never have to confront your highest desires and goals It sounds like you have a wonderful man and that's a great start What is it that you really miss about pot? how much did you use to smoke? how much did it get in the way of your life? How different has the last six months been for you? The last time you got high was it worth it how did you feel the next day physically washed out? forgive me for asking these questions you don't have to answer them but you are doing really well what a fantastic achievment to quit somthing half of you didn't want to quit I empathise totally But the truth is do you want to be still strugling with this stuff like me and Victoria after 20 25 years or do you want to move on and see what life really has to offer. keep in touch

all the best James

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