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Posted by mike on November 14, 2000 at 15:47:46:

In Reply to: Re: Prescription drugs posted by Ducky on November 12, 2000 at 16:24:00:

: : : Hello everyone
: : : I am a single mother of four who really needs some help. I have been taking a combination of tylenol 3 and vicodin for fibromyalgia pain for several months. Since I noticed they actually increased my energy level I have taken too many of them and have gone to several doctors to keep up my supply. What's the deal with the energy increase? I have never abused alcohol or recreational drugs and feel terrible about this. I want to get off these drugs completely but feel really sick when I do. I have some Ultram but am unsure of how much and how often to take it for help with the withdrawal symptoms. I also occasionally use a bottle of Stadol for migraine headaches which makes everything worse. I have no help at home and really need to be able to do my job and function. Can anyone advise me on this situation? Thanks you SO much.

: : Ducky: You are experiencing the euphoria that goes with narcotic use. You must swallow all your pride (if you have any) and seek treatment. Believe me, you can't do it alone. You will just put off the inevitible, either jail or treatment. Dont' choose jail like I did. Treatment is much better. Believe me, people out there really respect people who admit they have a problem. You will be shocked at how many have your problem. I did. Same senerio as you. I didn't get into drugs until chronic and acute pain got the best of me. There were deep underlying psychological "stuff" I had never dealt with that kept me drugging. I was forced to deal with my past and confront all my denial that finally "healed" me. Treatment is by far the best choice. Let me know. I have prayed for you ever since I read your posting last night. I know exactly where you are. I was there. Mike

: Mike
: I am really struggling with this and I appreciate your prayers. It's been hard for me to pray because I feel so guilty and unworthy. Also when you're by yourself it's so easy to talk yourself in or out of things, rationalize and justify your behaviors. I KNOW I have an addiction but can't I just stop taking the drugs and not get anymore to solve the problem? I will for sure run completely out tomorrow and would have to find a brand new doctor to get more, which I'm not willing to do. Do you know any websites that would help me with the underlying issues? Preferably Christian as that is very important to me. I have had a lot of emotional pain in my life and struggle with depression especially since I've been divorced. It's difficult for me to put myself and my problems first becuase of my kids who are 15 through 8 in age. Thanks for praying for me----I need it.

Dear Ducky: I have two daughters 18 and 21, and I know what you are feeling. They won't let me share the website here (because it's supposedly advertising) but e-mail me and I'll give you a tremendous help. I too am a christian and my church helped me tremendously getting clean. Only Christ can do it for you. I'll mail you tonight if I hear back from you. [email protected] Mike

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