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Posted by Beth on November 19, 2000 at 13:51:42:

I was addicted to Ultram for two and a half years.
My minimum daily intake was 8 50mg tablets a day and as high as 12 50mg tablets a day. For the last year I had to take it in the middle of the night just so I wouldn't go into withdrawal.
If you have a history of substance abuse and you are contemplating a 'slip' stick with the narcotics because you haven't been to hell till you've tried to get off of Ultram. Anyone who has been through detox from Benzodiazapines (Xanax. . .etc) might come close to knowing the horror of the never ending misery. I can not even imagine what it is like to come off of Methadone. My research (and experience) however, suggests that Ultram might come very close.
I have a reliable weaning schedule for Ultram but you really have to want to be successful. You will most likely fail if you try to do it alone but that's just my personal opinion. Get a loved that you trust with your life involved. Even if that person is someone that you dread to tell because you feel so ashamed. You will be surprised at how the very one you are hiding your addiction from will help you more than you think you deserve. . .believe me. . .they already know that something is wrong and will be relieved when you ask them for help.
I am no better or stronger than any one of you. In the last 18 years of my life I have had to quit drinking, smoking and recreational drugs only to land in detox for addiction to prescription benzodiazapine (Xanax) addiction. In between I messed with Narcotics but stopping them was easy compared to Xanax and Ultram.
I really thought that the Ultram addiction would be the one that I went to my grave with when I tried (about 100 times) to quit on my own but here I am free of it for a very short period of time and having NO physical withdrawal anymore.
The formula is simple. Have someone give you your present dose three times a day for four days. This person must be the keeper of the drug and you are not to have access to it at all. It's important to make sure that the drug is always in your system. The toughest part, in the beginning, is missing the rush of energy from taking three and four pills at a time but any less than three times a day will put you into physical withdrawal and then you might just as well go cold turkey. The first two cut backs are more psychological in their difficulty but you will be surprised at how powerful that small success is.
Yes, you will need to acquire a large enough amount of the drug to see you through the amount of time it will take for a successful withdrawal.
If you can't get it the safest option I know of is a good detox center.
I would suggest taking one Ambien or Soma on an empty stomach before bed each night so that you will be assured of at least 2 or three hours sleep a night. These are prescription sleeping meds but are the safest to use (short term). Do not use Xanax, Restoril or any meds in the Benzodiazapine catagory. . .No narcotics either.
Good luck to you all. . .Life might suck now but you have the strength somewhere inside you. Even just thinking about withdrawing from the drug is a positive step.
If you are serious and need to talk I can get in touch with you through this message board. Just post a message.

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