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Posted by Mac Daddy on November 28, 2000 at 00:11:02:

In Reply to: Re: Marijuana - Any one else addicted??? posted by kb on September 05, 2000 at 17:39:19:

: Hi V- I've wondered if I was addicted. I've smoked nearly every day for the past eight years. I'm female 28. I've realized that, more than anything else, I do it when I'm bored. Or when I have to do something I don't like doing - like going to a party I think is going to be boring or to dinner with people I don't really like or something like that. I smoke it in the evenings after work when I don't go to the gym because it makes me relax, or late at night because I'm an insomniac and pot makes TV more interesting. I smoked it constantly when my back was screwed up to help me sleep and to while away the hours I was bedridden. I think looking at why you do it, and when you do it more often, is a great way to figure out how to kick it. Or at least scale back. When I kicked it for two months in preparation for a drug test, I drank tons of water constantly, got as much physical exercise as I could, and spent LOTS of time doing things outside the house, where I couldn't just light one up. And the first coupla weeks SUCKED, but then it got better, and my memory improved and I began to sleep better and I wasn't NEARLY so scatterbrained. I think the reason it was so hard is because it was a habit, like anything else. I dont think it's impossible to quit. But I do think that if you suspect you and your husband might be worried about being straight together, that might be a job for counselors. And you can bet your 10 and 15-year-olds know what you're up to, even if you think you're hiding it (you haven't said either way).
: Another thought on addiction - and in my career as a writer I've done plenty of research on addiction, while dealing with my own habits, cigarettes included - is that it feeds off guilt. So if you and your husband are sitting there smoking pot and making each other feel like hell for doing it, then chances are you're just going to feel worse about yourself and then smoke to make yourself feel better.
: The good news is that this is not a heroin addiction. You're not stealing from people or robbing stores to spend $300 a day or more on a drug that could one day kill you. Another thing - breaking a marijuana habit is about like breaking a nicotine habit - kinda difficult, but nothing that requires rehab. And smoking a lot of pot isn't totally a bad thing when people's lives aren't in danger - like, you're not all stoned and driving a school bus or anything.
: I'm not trying to justify - I'm just trying to put it into perspective. If you feel like you need to quit or cut down, then do that. But don't beat yourself up because you smoke a joint to keep yourself from being bored out of your mind doing housework.
: I mean, it could be a lot worse.
: - kb

Hi kb - I fully relate to what ur talking about. I have been smoking for the past 5 -6 years started in college & chose what in my mind was a non addictive mellow drug. The symptoms are absolutely what u describe & I too only smoke at night when I have packed up for the day. I have tried to give up various times but fall back in a 2 - 3 days. It was just reassuring to read what u had written, somehow alleviates the intense guilt which I have been feeling. What I want to know is if there is any drug I can take to help me quit.

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