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Posted by Elaine on December 07, 2000 at 15:59:14:

In Reply to: Re: A.A. posted by wendls on May 07, 2000 at 02:11:15:

: : I am an alcoholic. Unfortunately, I am not even in the recovery stage. I attended several Alcoholic Anonymous meetings some years ago, and I found it to be anything but a healing process. First of all, I am a non-smoker and those meetings were a smoking festival. If that wasn't bad enough, the people in those meetings argued continuosly about trivial subjects. I found it to be a most unpleasnt environment, so I stopped going. I realize that A.A. has a remarkable record for assisting people who struggle with alcohol, but under the latter circumstances, I tend to stay away.

: : Has anyone had this experience with such a heralded association as A.A.? I want to stop drinking in the worst way. I am fortunate to have a loving and supportive wife and I know she is aware I suffer from alcoholism, but she never complains. If anyone has any input on this subject, I will be very grateful.

: : Charles

: I found AA to be the answer for me. None of the many meetings I have attended allo smoking in the room itself. AA is not for everyone, but its good to know its there for anyone who might want to give it a try. I hear many "slogans" there (they differ depending upon location), such as "stick with the winners, i.e. those who dont drink AND who lead a happy fulfilling life, etc. Some of us who come to AA are not ready to stop drinking or want to drink like a normal person. For me, with my depression worsened by alcohol, 20 years of moderate wine drinking was enough for a life time. And AA and a shrink too, helped me stop. There is so much common sense going on there. Sure some people can be jerks (they are everywhere), but I just stuck with the winners. I guess my hope is that for people who do want to stop whatever addiction they have, that AA or another 12 step program or SOMETHING can be there for them, so they can go on to lead a rich full life again.

I'm so grateful to AA - it's the only defense for my husband's alcoholism and has been the saviour of our marriage. I know it works because our lives are happy today and drink is not the sole topic of our conversation anymore. I'm just thankful my husband found it in time. Give it another try - find a non smoking meeting there are lots about.

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