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Posted by lizard on December 12, 2000 at 21:24:22:

In Reply to: Re: cough syrup addiction posted by William Burns on November 15, 2000 at 02:52:39:

: Hi Billy,
: Many over the counter cough syrups have alcohol, and if your "friend" is in the USA, and buys the syrup with out a doctors perscription, then it is the alcohol that is causing the "high" feeling.
: Most cough syrup that contains alcohol has more alcohol in it then wine or beer may have.
: It is also possible that your friend is getting syrup with codine. In the USA this is a perscription medicine, so getting this is hard to do.
: In any event both are habit forming if abused. What type of help are you thinking about getting for your friend? You may want to be careful about how you approach the subject of help with her, as most people with a habit will resent your suggesting that she stop.
: Think long and hard about how important your friendship with her is , as she may no longer want you around if you keep telling her to stop.
: I suggest that you check into AA, SMART Recovery and other self help groups before you attempt to confront her habit.
: Changing yourself is hard to do, changing someone else is harder.
: Tell us what the name of the syrup is and what you PLAN to do, before you do it.
: Good Luck,
: William
This is untrue, you can get high off of Over the counter syrup. It contains Dextromethorphan, which is hallucinogenic at high doses.

: : : Hey,
: : : I was wondering if anyone knew what the chemical or substance that's in cough syrup
: : : that can get you addicted to it is called. My friend says that's she's addicted to it and she
: : : showed me what type she drinks but the thing is she's been known to lie about many things
: : : and I was just wondering what is was called so I could see if that is in the kind she drinks
: : : so I can see if she's really addicted. If she is, I'm going to get her some help. But first I have to know
: : : what this chemical is called. So if anyone who knows could just tell me, it would be so much appreciated.
: : : Thank you so much.

: : what is the substance in the cough syrup? there are several addictive narcotics in prescription syrups...codeine and hydrocodone (vicodan). what is the cough syrup called?

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