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Posted by donna on December 17, 2000 at 06:04:46:

In Reply to: Re: Painkillers? Vicodin ES posted by molly watson on October 23, 2000 at 09:55:09:

: I am an English journalist researching Vicodin and general low level hydrocodone addiction.
: I am interested to find out if it helps you to hold down high stress or professional jobs. Do people take the pills to get high or to maintain the lifestyle of a successful middle class person?
: All answers gratefully recieved,
: M: :
: : : : :
: : : : : : : i'm in the same boat...let me know how it goes!

: : : : : : I know exactly how you feel. I could have written that post myself. I take the same amount every day and i swear it helps. I know all the recovering addicts will tell me i am in deniel but hey it works for me

: : : : : This is confused again and I just wanted to add a bit. I only worry about two things in this addiction situation. First I have to control the tolerance as I dont know how much Hydrocodone can hurt your body and Iwould love feedback on that but I do know that too much acetaminiphen is ba for your liver and that is the most available form I have to watch it. Secondly is the criminal aspect which is only criminal bacause the Govt says it is. I worry that if I get caught ding the things that I have to do to get them I will be branded for life. I dont feel like I am hurting anyone other than myself and Im not sure that Im doing that. Now if I get caught it would hurt the ones I love and those that love me as my abilty to earn a living would certainly be diminished. I am looking for some feedback. Addicts, did you quit because you got caught? Did you quit because of an inability to control the tolerance situation? I know that I am more productive when I take a reasonable amount of this drug so why am I wrong? I am not passing judgement I am really confused and concerned. If anr Drs read this post with your views please. Am I just a common addict.Why is it o wrong ?

: : : : what are you doing to get your drugs that you have to worry about the criminal aspect of it? I too worry about taking all the acetaminophen. Until two years ago i was a recovering addict i had some liposuction done(badly i mite add) and having to take all the pain meds caused my addiction to become full blown. I have been an addict for all of my adult life, but for the first time i feel i have it under contol. I realize it could all come crumbling down on me at any time, but for now it works for me

: : : Dear dc
: : : really appreciate your feedback. Im not comfortable explaining what I do to get the drugs but I am not a street addict in any way. I dont trust the anonymiity of the net to go into it but an enterprising individual who is not greedy can get a supply. Again my concern is why I am wrong. As you stated maybe it is seen as denial but I have no desire to quit as a day with it is more productive and exciting. I can and often do go days without it and life is not bad without them its just not as good. Been reading about methadone clinics and am going to do more follow-up but I live in a conservative and rural area and I am guessing at this point but i bet its not exactly accepted or available. I beleive that legalization will take plac towards the end of my life as we are filling the jails with people such as myself and I beleive we turn many otherwise good people into criminals. Again I dont know if anyone other than dc and myself are reading this but evendiffering points of view are welcome.

: : Having go to hell and back with my addiction, I have learned many things. First off worry about today. Why can't we apply that same theory to what we do. I am not hurting anyone to look at me you would never know I was an addict.
: : confused can you give me your e-mail or is that not proper( I guess I just feel as though somebody finally knows what I am going threw) don't worry i am married(of course my husband does not know about my pill taking)
hi there,i used to take 50 vicodin ES a day. no, im not kidding. 25 in the afternoon(when i got up) and 25 at night. I was higher than a kite and thought no one boss pulled me in the office and told me she knew i was on something. she was a recovering addict herself. she said an addict knows another addict. my husband did know of my addiction,because he was the one getting them for me. he used to go the dentists or e.r to get the pills.he did have a real bad tooth, thats why they gave him the pills.when he couldnt go to any more emergency rooms(he went on 2 hour drives in search of different emergency rooms) he resorted to stealing percription pads from docters offices. yes, he was finally caught and he was prosocuted. my 2 year stint with vicodin was the worse time in my life.i have been in recovery for over 2 years now. you say your not hurting anyone, which means to me,you have not hit rock bottom yet. I pray you get help soon. signed, BEEN THERE!

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