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Posted by Gloria on December 19, 2000 at 18:54:55:

In Reply to: DETOX FROM ANY OPIATE PAIN FREE !! posted by Jennifer on December 11, 2000 at 03:54:41:

And it's not pain free. I think you had better do a bit more research. What you're referring to is the brand name for a pain reliever called Buprenorphine. Congress recently passed a Bill which will allow physicians to prescribe a form of Buprenorphine for addiction treatment. But, the medication that is allowed to be prexeibed has an opiate antagonist called Naloxone added to it to discourage diversion The only opiate addicts that will benefit from Buprenorphine are those that can be maintained on low does of opiates. for instance, anyone that has been maintained on a dose of over 30 mgs. of methadone will not be a good candidate for Buprenorphine. It might prove to be a good 'detox' medicaiton for young people that have become physically dependant on opiates through experimentation. In Europe and Asia, Buprenorphine is quite popular as a maintenance medication. The FDA has yet to approve the Bup/Naloxone combo because of concerns about possible liver damage caused by the antagonist Naloxone. It's estimated that approximately 85% of IV drug users currently have Hepatitis C. As far as your claim that Buprenorphine is painless when used for withdrawal, I am spoken with many patients involved in U.S. studies that will disagree with that statement. Besides, withdrawal from opiates is ceratinly no cure, and relapse is almost certain. Withdrawal will do nothing to change the fact that opiate addict's brains do not produce chemicals in the way that 'normal' people's brains do. Methadone is the most effective treatment for opiate addiction, and has proven to be so for the past 30 years.

: It`s not a joke.There`s a new drug not yet approved by the FDA but IS available in 5 states in the US and MEXICO called BUPRENEX.Look into it on the net.

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