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Posted by maureen on September 24, 1999 at 17:36:00:

In Reply to: Re: IS THIS NORMAL? PLEASE HELP ME... ATIVAN PROBLEM posted by Jack on August 27, 1999 at 11:08:38:

: :
: : : I was doing cocaine for about a month and one night I got an anxiety attack and I thought it was
: : : a heart attack so I called 911 and they said my heart was fine so I came home went to bed and
: : : got another anxiety attack so I freaked out and went to the hospital and they gived me 1MG Lorazepam
: : : and said it would help me with anxiety attacks and yes I could sleep and my attacks were gone...
: : : and I stoped doing cocaine... the stupid part is that I drunk alot of beer but never at the same
: : : time with ativan... so August 9 to August 13 I was in a Pub with my friend everyday and few hours
: : : later I would take Ativan for sleep and thats when it tured ugly... Saturday 2:00am I took ativan and
: : : it gived me this super quik headache and since then I could not sleep :(
: : : next day I got up and I had hallucinations, blurred vision, confusion, Abdominal cramps, Depression
: : : and just feeling weak... so I went to hospital and they put me on Paxil 20MG and they said to
: : : eat them every day... so I didn't sleep at all and I really don't wanna take ativan anymore
: : : I still can't sleep... I went to doctor and he gived me Oxazepam 30MG and they gived me 2 hours
: : : of sleep MAX... I feel like s**t its been 11 days and I only got 9 hours of sleep total... I can't work or
: : : go back to my normal life... I am still taking Paxil 40 MG a day cuz the docotor said to take more of
: : : it... it feels like I have this perm headache for 11 days now on the left side of my head... I have NOT
: : : taken Ativan for 11 days now... I quit cold turkey... SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME BEFORE I KILL SOMEONE
: : : OR MY SELF :((((

: : Dear Dave:
: : There is ONE person who can give you the help you desperately need and His name is Jesus Christ. If you go to Him in prayer and accept His great love, He can do wonderful things in your life. Tell him you know he is the Son of God and pray the following prayer:
: : "Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me."
: : God bless you.

: : Dear Dave:
: I know that the recommendation to put your faith in jesus christ probably comes from the
: heart but lets get real. jesus christ was more than likely very mentally ill and many people in
: your position who have turned to him for help have also become seriously mentally ill. The
: illusion of jesus personally helping an individual has helped many people, but lets face it, it is
: only a self created illusion. You must continue to get proffesional help. There are many people
: out there that do care and that will help you. Don't give up. Life is a mystery. Jack

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