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Posted by Michael on October 25, 1999 at 08:26:53:

I'm sitting here. I didn't sleep Friday night or this night (Sun to Mon morning). I am a student at a small University studying biology. I take Paxil for my depression...

But Ritalin works better as an anti-depressant. I usually crush and snort 10mg tabs which I get from friends or steal from others. I'm at a bad spot again, as I can't hold myself back from crushing 3 at a time and doing them all at once. I mostly study when I do ritalin, since it helps me concentrate. But, as I start to come off my rush (10mg lasts me ~1.5 hours) all I can think about is packing more rit into my nose.

I hardly eat because the rit kills my appetite, though my stomach still feels hungry.

I'd really like to stop snorting ritalin and let my paxil work its magic. I'm only 2 weeks into the paxil program (max effect starts 2-3 weeks into medication use) and I can feel it working now.

Here are 2 more of my 'but's (lame excuses):

Paxil makes me drowsy all day, so studying is hard
I am at least 1 full week behind in sleep, so I do more rit to stay awake and feel better

I had a similar experience (which I didn't seem to learn from) at the end of spring semester last year. During finals week, I did 50 20mg tabs of ritalin in 4 days. Never slept. I crashed for 16 hours, got up, packed for home, then had a mental breakdown. I made it home ok, but I was massively depressed for a week or 2, presumably because of severe sleep deprivation, not eating, ritalin psychosis, and ritalin withdrawl.

I don't want to go through that again. Can someone give advice for easing off the ritalin while still keeping my resolve to quit? Should I go cold turkey?


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