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Posted by A friend on December 03, 1999 at 02:30:21:

In Reply to: Lorcet posted by JaneE on November 26, 1999 at 22:16:27:

: I really have no where to turn. I've had 7 back surgeries, and am about to undergo another.
: I'm in constant pain (E>S>I don't help anymore) & have been taking Lorcet-10 for a yr. I'm
: afraid if this surgery works and the pain goes I won't be able to stop taking the Lorcet. I've
: tried & get really sick- also depressed- can't do a thing. AND I take zoloft (clinical
: depression- but it's gone). So, any suggestions? If I stop, the pain's so bad I have to
: crouch in a corner ina fetal position to get relief. I have teenagers, an active husband, &
: want to live pain free, but am afraid of the withdrawal & staying off. I'm a Christian, but He's
: not healed my back or addiction. (Before this back problem, I never took meds or even drank).
: Now I feel I can't live w/out them. I can't go to detox because when it began 3 yrs ago & the
: drs. didn't believe me I took 60 Tegretols & ended up in a 3-day coma. I'd never do it again,
: but how do you get off alone? Also, if the back remains like this, ultram doesn't even TOUCH
: this pain. It's almost like childbirth. What can I do? thanks for listening. (I was thrown from a
: horse 3 yrs ago fracturing my back - only found out when I DEMANDED an MRI & tests. THEN
: they believed me, but got me hooked on this crap. well, night.

I will keep you in prayer.
I know chronic pain too, though mine seems not as severe as yours, at least right now.
I also have experienced docs that have not diagnosed my problems for years. But God is our maker and our physician.

Jesus may or may not heal our bodies, as He does not always do that, but He will always heal our addictions, since he promises us peace. But you have to confess it to someone that will hold you accountable and encourage you, as well as see you thru withdrawal. You may need the medication, you know, and I do not think that is a sin.

If your surgery is successful and you no longer need the medication, then that will be time to deal with getting off the drugs. If you will seek someone to help you like this, you will get set free. No one does it all alone when truly addicted, in my opinion. I quit smoking cold turkey, but I was not locked in a habit yet, which is why I quit...I could see myself getting there.
You may have to go to a Christian recovery group to find someone like that, or to your pastor.
Don't use your husband for this, as too much is at stake. They mean well, but have their own issues. A good councelor may also be in order, to help you find what is causing the depression as well as help you work thru pain issues.

Don't be defeated by shame or guilt here. We are all guilty of stuff. Just come clean and admit where you are at...God is able and faithful.
And I will pray for you, my sister.

Let me know how you are doing. I check in to this board from time to time.

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