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Posted by Trinka on January 05, 2000 at 19:49:17:

In Reply to: Re: ghb addiction posted by Steve on December 06, 1999 at 18:38:29:

: After 1.5 year of not being sober for more than a day (with the exception of the past 2 weeks) I can tell you that GHB addition is real. It starts off as once in a while or at night and then seems to progress from there.

: I crossed the line when I tried it one morning as a "pick me up" (Which I thought I would NEVER do). Then, a week later I did it again thinking that it didn't seem to affect my day to day performance and nobody could tell. I felt great. But then, I got in the habit of using it every day from morning to night. I wasn't getting wacked out of my mind every time....just enough to keep a little buzz going all day. I started to carry it with me every place I went in little bottles. I felt long as I had it in my system which was all day long! I would consume a gallon in just a few months!

: I don't drink and I have never tried any other drug including pot. I am just a bodybuilder using it for a sleep aid. I am also a chemist and made the stuff myself in a lab. The stuff that I made was pure which is probably why I didn't experience much physical withdrawl. But I did hear "music" and I did get the chills / shakes. And it is hard for me to not think about taking a cap

: I still crave it and stuggle with not doing it every day but I know that I am doing the right thing. If you are reading this, and you still "cap" its time for you to stop. You have a problem or are on the road to developing a problem. Since you are reading this, you must be asking yourself the same questions I did before I quit. Do I have a problem? Am I addicted or do I just like doing it a lot and can stop at any time?

: I am having a hard time with this. Anyone else want to share their experiece? It would sure help me to know that I a not alone.

: : : : I know someone who is going through a similar experience. If you or your friend find out anything on the subject, please let me know asap.
: : : : thank you.
: : : : Mike

: : : :
: : : : : : Someone that I know is addicted to GHB, well serveral people that I know are to be exact and they are trying to say that it is not addictive.
: : : : : : I have witnessed this on serveral occasions that this person tries to quite taking this substance. They totally loose all touch with reality.
: : : : : : Being that when they quit taking ghb it immediatley allows the stored up dopamine to flood the brain. And when in fact they are taking the ghb it blocks the dopamine release.
: : : : : : Is anyone else out there having this problem.
: : : : : : If so could you please respond ASAP..

: : : : : : They are trying to treat this stuff just like they do Alcholism. I believe that to be the wrong way to go about it.

: : I too am addicted to GHB as are several of my friends. We are all looking for a way to come off of this in a "humane" sort of fashion. I have read several articles that talk aout tapering off you doses (eg. every 3 hours to every 4 hours to 5 etc..0 Other accounts say that the only and best way is to quit cold turkey. The side effects are often too much to handle so people use alcohol or things like Valium to overcome them. Either way in order to quit you have to stop using it. Sounds simple but those of us who are addicted know the truth.
: : Michael2

Yes, GHB addiction is very real. And, it is now known that withdrawal from it is life endangering without medical monitoring. Tapering off doesn't generally work. Self-medicating (taking pills your friends give you or you buy on the street) really isn't safe. We've lost a few young men that way; they ended up overdosing on other pills, trying to avoid taking more GHB. A real problem is that most ERs, doctors and addiction centers aren't yet aware of GHB and the severity of the withdrawal problem. But, if you really want to kick it, seek professional medical care from someone!!! and work with that doctor or center to educate them. A lot of new literature about GHB addiction will be coming out in the near future. So many lives have been lost to GHB in the past couple of years (the death rate has doubled this year alone)that a few eyes have been opened. Researchers are starting to review the material and update the that it isn't addictive and isn't dangerous. Several addicts have told me that they stopped going to support groups because no one had even heard of GHB and no one understood their problem. They felt isolated, decided "I don't need to be here," dropped out and eventually started using GHB again. One young man said that now he realizes he does belong in the group and has the same addiction/craving issues to handle that they do no matter what drug is involved and plans to stick with it this time. Hopefully he'll educate those in the group along the way. The longer you abuse it, the worse the effects become, whether on it or trying to kick it. Periods of psychosis begin to occur. Life becomes rather fuzzy. Withdrawal is very bad but most importantly dangerous. Get medical help and rid yourself of this stuff. Yes, it was researched as a treatment for alcoholism, but it involves merely replacing one addiction with another addiction. GHB is just as impairing and in ways even more impairing for someone behind the wheel. A 3 year old recently died in a car crash caused by someone on GHB. Life is too precious to waste on any drug, but especially this one. Ask the dozens of family who just now faced their first Christmas without a 13 or 15 or 20 or 25 or 45 year old child, husband, parent, or friend.

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