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Posted by digitaldocter on February 03, 2000 at 00:48:25:

In Reply to: WHAT CAN I DO WITH SOMEBODY WHO GOT ADDICTED TO OXYCONTIN 40MG. PERCOCET ETC posted by MUDCAT on January 28, 2000 at 15:34:08:

I find it hard to believe that he is taking that many pills a day...!!!!!!! And who in the hell is this guys docter ( dentist ) what state do you live in..??? most docs, and or dentists have to fill out a ton of forms every time they prescribe high end pain killers .......I know this as I myself am taking oxcontin and percocet for a recent back surgery ( major league surgery I may add ) and I dont even get more than 20 and 40 prescribed of each (in order of my description to the previous pills ) at any one time and that is for a 10 and 7 day period......... I think there is also another problem here of some sort and ALL PARTIES INVOLVED should come clean and get their shit together or many innocent people will be in big trouble in a short amount of time..... Anyway good luck......The Digitaldocter.... P.S. He wont die if he goes cold turkey he will think hes dying but he wont die, he will just have some serious DT's....If he is serious about getting off these meds hes gotta admit that he likes the buzz, and is not using them for anything else cuz the pain is manifested by the brain in order to get the chemicals into the body which creates the buzz, or sense of well being and methadone is just another chemical and then he will have to kick that habit too.....ask your pharmasist or a GOOD DOCTER about the use of detox with Burenorphine it is susposed to be a better "cleaner upperer" of the body......again good luck The DD: MY RELATIVE IS ADDICTED BIGTIME BECAUSE OF TEETH PROBLEMS HE TAKES 50+ PILLS A DAY GETS THEM FROM HIS DOCTOR (DENTIST) HE'S GOOD PEOPLE BUT SLOWLY FALLING IN THE HOLE I COULD SEE HIS PAIN IN THE TEETH, BUT NOW ALL HIS TEETH ARE GONE, NOW HE'S AN ADDICT AND HE ADMITTS IT. DO YOU THINK HE CAN GO ON THIS METADONE MEDICINE INSTEAD. AND HOW MUCH, AT HIS RATE OF PILL POPPING WOULD HE START AT? CAN HIS DOCTOR PRESCRIBE METADONE TOO AND WEEZ HIM OFF IT OR WON'T IT WORK, I HEARD THAT THERE IS SHORT TERM AND LONG TERM PROGRAMS AND I THINK THAT HE'LL DO IT, BUT NOT LOCKUP (HE WAS HOSPITALIZED 3 TIMES FOR DETOX BUT HAD MORE WORK DONE) I KNOW THAT IF HE JUST QUIT ITS POSSIBLE HE WOULD DIE BECAUSE HE SWEATS IF HE DON'T HAVE HIS MEDICINES (AND LOTS MORE WITHDRAW SYMTOMS). IF YOU CAN GIVE ME SOME ADVICE FEEL FREE.


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