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Posted by Geneviève on February 17, 2000 at 13:28:33:

In Reply to: Long-term effects of marijuana addiction? posted by Jackie on February 15, 2000 at 18:22:53:

I'm a woman too and my boyfriend (who's 25 years old) smoke marijuana since he's 14 years old. He smoke everydays. We are in the SAME situation than you. When it's been like 5 hours he didn't smoke, he's getting irritable very easily. His drug use don't bother me because I know what it is. I've smoke pot alot for 1 year and had to stop because of the side-effects. Some people don't have any side-effects but it was very different for me!!!
But it's sure that if HE decide to stop now, it's better than if he wait for 10 years again! It's like cigarettes a little bit. But I think that when someone is addicted to something, it's always very difficult to stop. This person have to have A LOT of motivation, it's not easy at all. For me, even if I was smoking for only a year, it was really difficult. For some people, it can sound ridiculous because for many people, pot is not addictive but it is. I had to stop because I was feeling VERY bad everytime I smoked, but the dependance was there and that's why it was not easy. For 1 month, I was not myself. My heart was always beating really fast, I was REALLY nervous, when I was alone I felt bad (I couldn't stay alone) and many other things. But after that month I began to feel better and that's the best thing I did for myself I think. So if your boyfriend really want to stop, I'm sure he can do it but he have to want it very very much.
For the long-term side-effects, I think that it's already been a long time that he's smoking so, that's it: lower sexual desire, lower motivation, lower self-esteem, he's becoming irritable very easily, frustration for a little nothing etc etc... and sure like cigarettes it can be dangerous for the cancer of the lung and other types too.

That's my advices...
I wish you good luck and remember that even if you want him to quit, HE have to make the decision by himself.
sorry for my english...

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