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Posted by Mark on March 27, 2000 at 01:09:34:

In Reply to: Lorcet posted by BrookeL on November 27, 1999 at 21:24:26:

: I toohave a problem with Tylox- have taken it six yrs. for repeated back problems. The urge to
: stop is less than the urge to succomb to it - but the pain factor prohibits a full stopping this
: Ultram and celebrex also don't help me. Anyone have a suggestion? The hot baths, ibuprofen
: & anti-dia. don't help much - and doing it alone is tough. Does NA really help? Thanks, my
: first time on board. BrookeL

Hi,I too have taken many pain pills over the years for three blown disk. I had went from Dr to Dr in search of relief only to find more pills coming my way when, all I REALLY wanted was the pain to stop. Aside from my back pain I now had a new problem, addiction to these pills. sometimes the MD's go on a kick of "No more for you" and such which is a pain. You tell them up front you don't want the pills, you want a cure then, they give you pills.
I ended up making a bold step which, did not FULLY halt my problems but altered them some. Out here in Nevada our DEA is stepping up on those who use pain pills, they don't feel anyone could possibly need them for more then a week or so. Well my name came up in their systems and my pharmacist had a heart to heart with me, saying he knew I took them for valid reasons and did not abuse them but, he knew what was coming my way, lots of possible legal problems. Why?? Because I used pain meds for pain. LEGAL pain meds..
Well we spoke in detail and I checked out some of the stories of what the NV DEA is doing and, is scared me.
I was told to go ahead and start getting my meds out of me, that was being sneaky and, since my reasons were valid, why should I sneak? Hmm What to do..
After much soul searching I opted to go and check out a drug center, a Methadone clinic. The reason? To PROVE I was NOT a drug addict. This way,when I went back to uses my pain meds and the DEA weasle came to my door (which would not have been far away since my name had been given to EVERY drug store and Dr in town as a junkie!!!) Anyway, I went in, I told them how long I had been using the pain pills for and they started me on Methadone. This medication, it turns out, is easy to obtain, the local DEA will not bother you with it and, it controls the pain better and longer then any pills I have ever taken, including Diluadid. I then tried another med called Orlamm, which is something like Methadone but longer lasting, you take a dose three times a wekk. The cost out here is $45 per week. YOu have NO pain nor any desires for the pain pills which, anyone who has taken the pain pills knows, can happen.
I went into this program to prove something to the NV DEA and ended up finding a better solution to my pain problems then any medical doctor could offer me.
now, do I feel funny going into this clinic? Sure sometimes I do.
Do I stand in line sometimes with a bunch of junkies? Yup, sometimes I do but more often then not I am the only one present due to the hours I go in at.
If you have been having a lot of pain I suggest trying out the Methodone clinics. Methadone is used for the treatment of drug abuse BUT is also used for treatment of pain. It just depends upon who gives it to you as to what it is for BUt it's the same drug.
If your tired of the pain, tired of the Dr game and, like in my case, don't want to feel like a criminal for using a pill that is legal, then try out Methadone.
It changed my life

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