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Posted by Muse, edited on April 14, 2000 at 06:11:57:

In Reply to: Yes, Jesus can replace medication if He wants to posted by Muse on April 14, 2000 at 05:13:56:

: : Instead of saying that stop your medication and let god heal you did you ever think that maybe god made it possible for man to make the medicine so that you can be healed??
: : Faith alone does nothing but help you mentaly, while it's wonderful that somebody can have hope and faith, it alone will not cure anything, it'll just make the suffing a little more bearable.

: Actually, My personal doctor admitted to me that healings they have had nothing to do with make them look good as most illness is healed no matter what they do to "help" the patient. He said it is well known in the mediacl field that most illness comes right out of the psyche, and so to heal the mind (spirit) is the same most of the time as healing the body.
: Doctors have no power in themselves to heal, they just make us more comfortable. What is the difference? We are but flesh and will always seek ways to make the flesh more comfortable. That is the way we are made.

: God is not limited to medication to heal, though I agree that He had a hand in helping us discover medication. Maybe you did not know that three times in the bible, God refers to men that consulted physicians instead of Him: two became more ill and one died. Yet one of His disciples was a physician and he was not chastised for that. Still, a thousand times more people are killed per year at the hands of the medical profession than by guns, did you know that? Now just what should we place our faith in? People administering medications they produced or in our creator? Since it is an individual choice, it is best left to the individual. I don't see any reason to try so hard to undermine someone else's faith which might help them heal enough so as to overcome their addiction, medications to make them more comfortable or not.

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