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Posted by Julie. on April 16, 2000 at 02:27:45:

In Reply to: A.A. posted by Charles on April 13, 2000 at 10:21:21:

Ha, every time I've attended an AA meeting, I've wanted to drink like crazy. And, the pressure on you to "do the steps THIS way" coupled with the arguments and high tempers is not good.

Check out the rational recovery web site (use web searching). I was amazed at the site and even went out and bought the book. It was a God-send for me. I tried AA three times in my life and I am one of the 50% who said "forget this scene" within 30 days. The drunk-a-logs are DEPRESSING. And I have three counties full of different AA meetings and I've tried over 50 groups. AA only works for 5% of their membership. Can you believe that? And the doctor told my brother that the reason that AA is so pushed is that it is big business.

There's also a new drug out... starts with an N... and it was even written up in one of the latest versions of Prevention Magazine. My brother uses it and when he does have a beer or two, it makes his body act like a "normal" person's body in that all he feels is a bit tired after the second beer. It sure beats the hell out of drinking the whole 12-pack night after night! If you want to not have to go through meetings-until-you puke and get a normal life back, go read the rational recovery page. And ask your doctor about this new N... drug. Julie.

: I am an alcoholic. Unfortunately, I am not even in the recovery stage. I attended several Alcoholic Anonymous meetings some years ago, and I found it to be anything but a healing process. First of all, I am a non-smoker and those meetings were a smoking festival. If that wasn't bad enough, the people in those meetings argued continuosly about trivial subjects. I found it to be a most unpleasnt environment, so I stopped going. I realize that A.A. has a remarkable record for assisting people who struggle with alcohol, but under the latter circumstances, I tend to stay away.

: Has anyone had this experience with such a heralded association as A.A.? I want to stop drinking in the worst way. I am fortunate to have a loving and supportive wife and I know she is aware I suffer from alcoholism, but she never complains. If anyone has any input on this subject, I will be very grateful.

: Charles

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