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Posted by steve on April 16, 2000 at 13:00:36:

In Reply to: Re: 1st day off vicodin posted by Tracy on March 29, 2000 at 21:48:40:

Your message was compelling and really describes the essence of "addiction," the confusion, self-loathing (in my case, that is), the anger at doctors for not prescribing enough or being so woorried about getting sued they will prescribe aspirin for heart surgery. I just had knee surgery last week. My tolerance to pain medication is very high. I have gone through three refills of vicodin. Vicodin hasn't killed the pain, but if I double or triple dose, it takes the edge off. Or maybe it changes my mood so I don't care if I'm in pain. My feeling is that the doctor should prescribe something really strong so I'm relatively pain free.

Of course, if he knew I'm done with my refills, he'd never prescribe anything to me ever again. I have told him the medication has no effect, but he won't budge. He told me I should go to a pain clinic. (Do you know anything about them?).

I have a lot of fear surrounding being off the medication, given the fact that (a) my condition legitimates my need for it and (b) I cannot obtain any more. I've been cut off. Does anyone know of a site where I would obtain medication on-line?

I believe medication of all kinds should be legalized. That's just me. I believe politics dictates the prohibition of drugs and money plays a huge part in all of this. Doctors hold a lot of power and it seems like they take pleasure in creating addicts, withholding refills, and reveling in the pain they have caused. Were medication legal, no one would live out such nightmares, and laws wouldn't be broken. Unfortunately, doctors, drug companies, and federal drug agencies would be out of a job, so drugs will always be illegal and those predisposed to take them will be subject to misery and the cruel judgment of outsiders.

So stick with it kid. The pain will go away, but if you find a place to get some medication, let me know. I have a couple of questions for you. What foreign countries have over the counter medications and what specific meds are sold? Also, why don't you want to go to 12 step meetings? i have my reasons, but I'd like to know more. Email me privately, if you prefer.


legalizand (b) because I significant: This is my 10th day off vicodin (the strongest of the kind at that). I've been taking them, 6 to 8 pills a day for right at 2yrs. now.. and today I am living in pure hell!!!! I surely don' t want to sound discouraging, but I came across this post 'looking' FOR vicodin, not recovery. Oh, I'm in the program.. well, technically I'm not right now (needless to say), and have no intentions of going to a recovery meeting either. My main concern is getting more pills. Sounds sick I know, but I'm an addict.. and I was a fully functional, completely managable, HAPPY addict.. until I ran out!!
: I don't mean to go on and on.. but now that I've started.. haha!! ..anyway, I feel like I'm in the biggest state of depression ever known to mankind!! I have NO energy.. and they say pain killers cause drowsiness.. HA! I had more energy while taking them, compared to how I feel now.. which is like total crap!
: I really don' t get it. There are MANY ppl in this world who drink.. and drink successfully, while maintaining and managing a 'normal' life.. I know a few of these ppl.. they are NOT alcoholics.. not if you go by the definition of an alcoholic by the 12 steps.. but lets just say that they ran out of alcohol?? What would happen to them if they removed all the alcohol from the shelves in the stores, and it was no longer availabe?? Would they then be an alcoholic?? This is just my theory here.. but I say, 9 times out of 10... YOU BET!! Their life would be pretty messed up!! So, here' s my point... Why are ppl who use vicodin, pain killers, and the like, any darn different than those that are so-called 'functioning alcoholics???' Why!? Why is what we're going through classified differently? Because it's a 'controlled substance?' Because it's NOT over the counter??
: Man, whoever makes the laws really needs a good kick in the rear!! They either need to get with the program and get alcohol of the shelves, or make vicodin legal in the US, as it is in many other countries!! Simply put, it's all mind altering; so what's the big deal and big difference??!! Maybe those guys up top, who are running the show for the rest of us, are the ones who really need the mind altering substances!
: Ok, sorry! I'm just so fed up with everything.. EVERYTHING!! Life, and all that comes along with it right now.
: I'm not griping at anyone here for sure.. heck, I don't even know ya'll.. just complaining in general... and I thank ya'll for listening.
: Good luck with all you're going through.. and more power to ya!!
: btw, I've taken pain killers off and on for over 15 yrs. now.. this however, is the longest that I've been on them at any given time.. 2yrs., daily, and it's not easy stopping.. and at this point, I have no intentions of stopping either. But if you haven't been on them long.. or even if you have.. I do know that if you're WILLING, you can overcome it. It also depends on how long you've been on them, to determine how long it'll take your body to rid yourself of them. 3 to 4 days is crazy.. or in my case it is. Like I said, I've been off of them for 10 days, and it still feels like yesterday was the last time I took any. My body, and all that goes along with it, feels 20yrs. older than I really am! And the only way I feel to regain any sanity.. if there's any left to regain, would be to get another pill!!
: C-ya,
: Tracy

: : : well.i am on my 1st day off of a 8 pill a day addiction to vicodin es.feelin terrible,can't do nothing.wondering how long till the "sick" feeling will go away?thanks

: : Hi. I know how you feel. I am an addict of Lortab and am trying like he-- to get off of it. I am not sure how long the withdrawal is but have heard from many people that it is 3 days. When I run out of pills, I think of NOTHING else but how to get more. I hope to someday kick it. Good luck to you.

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