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Posted by Julie. on April 17, 2000 at 23:33:40:

In Reply to: Fighting only Symptoms??? posted by CH. from Germany on April 16, 2000 at 14:52:46:

I know what you mean about being a very addictive person. My whole family gets addicted to people, substances, moods and even anger. How I've managed to at least improve my addictions is via positive affirmations. Yes, i know this sounds stupid to the logical mind, but apparently affirmations talk to your subconscious. Figure out what you choose to be different in your life, get in front of a mirror, look into your eyes and say it. Things like, "I choose to be happy." "I choose to be healthy and free of substances." Don't use the word "want" because that continues to confirm to your subconscious that you don't already have it and you won't ever have it. Do it in the privacy of your own bathroom with the door closed... even whisper the affirmations if you're scared of someone hearing you through the door. Or say them when you're alone in the car in full voice. Just try it for a month. It doesn't cost anything and you may be extremely surprised of the results. Julie.

: Hello everybody,

: I think i'm a very dependent personality. I drink, I smoke very much and I'm still hangin on my boyfriend, who left me 16 month ago.

: But i believe that its not useful to fight only the symptoms (drinking etc), though these behavior produce many problems. Because this symptom-fighting won't change your personality. I want to find the causes, ya know. Maybe the addiction is only a self-medication, for deeper problems, like a lack of confindence or a depression. My father - for example - had been a drinker for many years, than he stopped ten years ago, and the end was: He killd himself six months ago, after a long period of depression. Sometimes i think, if he had drunk, he could have survived.It's so heavy. A drug or something you addicted to is a thing that helps you, while it kills you.
: Sorry, this is getting so long, i have to learn to confine. And sorry for my English.
: Please tell me your meaning.
: Greetings from a wounded heard.

: Celia

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