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Posted by GP on May 04, 2000 at 22:01:59:

In Reply to: zanax posted by ally123 on March 18, 2000 at 08:52:52:

: hi i have been diagnosed with panic disorder, i have been reading what you guys are saying aboutzanax, that sounds pretty scary, this is what i take i am currently on .50mg i take 2 in the morning and 2 at night, is that dangerous? is that alot to be taking? i have never had to take these before, nor have i ever had panic attacks, could you please give me some advise am i in danger with these pills , if i stop what do i do about the panic attatcks? or is the dose ok, please need advice, thank you

i'm sorta of new to zanax. i jus started takeing it about a month ago, not alot, i probablly take a couple of bars about 2-3 times a ways i was wondering if there are ne dangers to it? whenever i take zanax, i drink, and try to drink alot, tonight is the 1dt time i took zanax b4 drinking, but i'm basiclly feeling happy, sorta like when your happy when your drunk, to get to the point, like i said, i jus started this recently, and so far i dont see ne probs with itm except people driveing while on it, or driveing under any controlled substanse.. my and i jus got off work at 7:30pm, we been workin sense 4am but again, could some1 tell me the dangers of it, or ne u thing ne 1 knows about it.. so far i like it a lot, which my dad tells me if you like it, itz addicting.. i guess like net, when im not workin, im always constantly online, but if ne 1 could give me ne advice or give mne as much details about it, i would greatly appreciate it, i live in ft laud FL, and it seems zanax is becomeing a very popular drug here, people are offereng 7.50 for 1 bar ( pill ) i guess this message must sound stupid, but any respondense would be greatly appreaciated

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