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Posted by I agree with Dan on May 28, 2000 at 10:45:49:

In Reply to: My thoughts about all this posted by Cori on May 22, 2000 at 03:52:23:

: I am not passing judgement on anyone, either, but where I think you are wrong, is even trying to get around the law. The law is law, and breaking the law ias what makes one a criminal, not the law itself...if you don't take responsibility, you will continue to break the law until you get caught...then what will you say, the law made me do it?
: If you don't like a law, work to change it. but break it and you are the law-breaker.

: Hurting yourself is another way to hurt loved ones, and lying is another. They can sense something wrong, though you think you are hiding it so well. Is all this really worth it? Why not come clean and let loved ones help you quit being so dishonest? I bet you all are worth it to them. even if you don't care about yourself.

: Also, if a doctor is controlling the use of a
: drug(s), that is not considered an addiction...dependency for medical reasons is not a true addiction.
The only illegal drug I have ever tried is pot.
And it has been over 8 years since i smoked it, and i would say I have only somked it prob 20 times in my life (mid 30's)
But, what about alcohol? I will admit I have driven while intoxicated, and at other times after smoking pot. I could drive much better on the pot than alcohol.
I don't think people should work while smoking pot but I can't tell you how many people i know that "drink", come to work with hangovers, is that not a danger if you are operating machinery or having to make decisions?
Sometimes I would like to just smoke a joint, but my job is more valuable than that temp good feeling.
Yeah, pot is against the law, but I put it in the same catergory as alcohol.... so I feel they both should be either against the law or not.....
Just my thoughts....

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