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Posted by Karen on July 03, 2000 at 23:57:17:

In Reply to: Re: girlfriend addicted to lortab posted by cnbj on July 03, 2000 at 22:59:17:

Hi! Talk about re-living something, you're going through exactly what I did only a month ago. My boyfriend was on Lortab 10 for FIVE YEARS. They must have the same doctor. His just kept on filling the scripts over and over. He injured his left shoulder (he is also left-handed, by the way) really bad and had to have surgery. That's what started the pain pills and he got hooked on them but good. I'll never forget the day I had a bad headache and he told me to take one of his pills and my headache would go away. My headache sure went away, but I was nauseated all night long and never slept a wink. I told him if this is what happened to me after only one of those damned pills, what are they doing to him? But of course he was so hooked on them I was the one being irrational. Anyway, I stuck by him as he is a terrific guy but holy mackerel, he usually runs out of his prescription two weeks early so it's been two weeks of good times and two weeks of hell every month until he gets his prescription filled again.

Well, I finally had it and told him to give me his bottle when he gets it filled...The first time he got it filled and gave me the bottle with 25 pills in it. I asked him where the other 75 pills are and he said he's going to keep those but he will give me the 25 to hold on to to wean him off (he also gets 100 pills but with 4 refills). So we had words, another month went by and this time I went to the drug store to pick up his prescription before he did. He would take on an average of 15 pills a day. The doctor's orders on the script were 4 pills a day as needed. The first day I gave him 3 pills in the morning, 3 in the afternoon and 3 at night for the whole week. Week 2 was 2 - 2 and 2 each day for the week. Week 3.......he wanted his bottle back. I was determined not to give them back so wow did we really have words and it went on and on and on and on. He wanted more pills and said his body was calling for more. I told him if kept this up I was going to call his doctor. Needless to say, you can imagine what went on after that. I stuck to my guns tho. But week 3 was still 2 - 2 -2 each day for the week even tho that by now he wasn't talking to me. TOO BAD!! He is now down to 2 pills a day. (I still have the bottle). A far cry from 15 to 20 pills a day. Keep in touch and have a Happy 4th of July but stay away from glass doors (no pun intended)! but if you and I didn't have some humor, we'd both be nuts..........

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