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Posted by V.M.S. on July 11, 2000 at 21:21:14:

In Reply to: Re: addiction to xanax... zanax~ posted by Kris Henson on July 06, 2000 at 23:30:46:

: : : I am looking for any information that anyone can give me on the addiction... side effects... general information... on
: : : the drug... xanax ... zanax...
: : : I have a 30 year old brother that was a recoverd cocaine abuser... clean for almost five years...
: : : Had to endure 2 major shoulder operations.... told the doctor he was a recovering drug abuser.. doctor knew this
: : : and said that it would be ok... prescribed percocet... like candy... being as he was a doctor my brother trusted in his
: : : judgement... the pain was quite severe... then he was involved in a car accident and almost lost a leg.. and again came the
: : : percocet.. again the doctor knew of his previous addiction.. again.. my brother trusted..

: : : After several stressful events....*losing a job due with no notice due to an accident (caused my another employee causing him disability
: : : now pending a law suit, employer dropping his insurance with no notice, workmans comp discontinuing phyiscal therapy, buying a new house, motorcycle accident,
: : : his wedding,* he began to not be able to sleep... working too hard to pay the bills. We thought that he was getting phyiscally sick and suggested that he go in and
: : : get a phyiscal... The doctor decided to prescribe xanax....zanax......and he too knew of his previous drug problem..

: : : well.. bottom line is... he was found passed out behind the wheel of his car and was rushed to the hospital where he was found to have four different drugs in his system
: : : Darvocet, Xanax... Cocaine... and another that I can't remember... any one have any suggestions on Xanax... its side effects... anything on this drug would be appreciated...
: : : and anyway.. best that he can clean up... he says he wants to free of this... problem
: : : Thank you for your kindness... always...Betty

: : I used to use xanex to help me come down off cocain. I DO NOT miss those days. Xanex is a very powerfull drug. It is a mind altering drug. The effect is real similar to valum in the way it makes you feel but is about 10 times stronger. Where valum effects the nervous system to relax your body and make you feel tranquill, xanex pinpoints the part of your brain and tricks your mind into giving you the same feeling. It is very easy to overdoce with xanex and they are very addicting, and very dangerous to detox from. If you drink alchol with xanex and have any stress problems in your life you are virtuly a time bomb about to go off. They will turn a mild mannered person into a very dangerous and unpridictable person.
: : When my whif and I were going through our problems we were both using cocain very heavily, and when I would come home and she was'nt home I would get very upset, but not out of controll until I would take a couple of .10 milligrams of xanex to help me relax, thats when I would go into a rage and at one point totaly thrashed our home, took a baseball bat to the walls, windows, furniture, everything, then got my shotgun loaded it and waited for her and our so-called friend who was giving us the cocain and xanex, to come home, after about 3 1/2 hours the xanex starting wearing off but I was still very loaded up with massive amounts cocain and liquor, to where I probably would of done something I don't want to think about
: : but I gained enough since to call a friend and told him I was sitting by the front door with a loaded shotgun waiting for them to come home, would you please come and get me, he was there in 5 min. thank God! But if they would of come home while the xanex was still strong in my mind I have no doupt I would of killed them both. I am not a violent person and never have been, that is the power of xanex, get your bro some help and not NA or AA but a qualified detox center that knows the score. If he doesent want any help and won't go then trick him and have it all set up with the detox center (a bed reserved) and ask him to go to the store or something with you and take him there and make him go in. He probably wants to go anyway but it is not easy to go on your own.
: : You really have to be forced. If not by the courts then a loved one and that usely means litterly draging him there, or by trickery, but once he's there he'll most likely go in and thank you for it, trust me. He probably secretly wishes someone would do that for him, again trust me, If you love him do it, and do it know not tommorow, NOW! Anyway you can donot wait another day, cause tommorow may be too late, then how would you feel, Knowing that you could of saved his life but just did'nt have the time today, what else could be more important, nothing, right now everything in your life can wait, his can't!! Best of luck and don't wait till it's too late DO IT NOW!! DO IT FOR YOUR BROTHER, Do it for your Mother, just get him there, PLEASE

: I have been taking Xanex for about 1 year now. I am Bipolar ( manic depressive) and I am stable in my moods for the most part, but I have trouble sleeping ( which alot of Manci depressives do)
: I cannot sleep well without them at all now. I know I am addicted. Without a sleeping aid, a Bipolar patient can become Manic ( in the "up" stage of this disorder) I asked my doctor ( Psychiatrist) months ago about the possible addiction of this med, as I am well aware of. He said to me that it is better to be addicted to Xanex than to have a major mood episode and end up in the hospital and go thru all of my disorder complications agian ( loss of job...not a stable mother to my child, depression...etc) What do you think of this?
: Thanks,
: Kris

I have been on Xanax for several years now due to an extreme panic dissorder. I do am aware that it's habit forming, but in the process it has also enabled me to function daily I have been able to keep a responsible position in my work place and carry out my life duties in a normal manner. I have regular appointments with my doctor to monitor my situation and I know I will have to come of the medication sometime in the future, which again will be under the supervision of my doctor. I only take Xanax and follow the instructions which includes no alcohol. If a situation arises where I might require any other medication I always ask questions a research how it will interreact with the Xanax even if it's a simple remady like vitamins or cold and flu medication. In this case I have had no side effects whatsoever. So all I can say to you people out there that are using Xanax and then mix this with alcohol and illigal drugs at the same time "YOU DESERVE WHAT YOU GET"....Think about the consequences while you are under this influence. Or will you destroy someones life before you wake up. Xanax is not you problem but the combination of all the other substances you are mixing it with. Xanax is a drug that should be used for genuine medical condition and not abused as a happy pill. Good Luck to you all and I sincerely hope that anyone using a combination of what I have just described look into your situation and see where the problem is Xanax ?????? what else it is you are taking.

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