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Posted by hope on July 17, 2000 at 19:01:23:

In Reply to: Xanax and Alcohol posted by Insomniac on July 14, 2000 at 21:06:09:

: Hello. I am a young alcoholic who absolutely cannot sleep for about 72 hours between my drunk periods. I have come across a pretty good quantity of Xanax and Ambien. Will these medications help me get some sleep during my next detox? I also want to state that I do not intend to get addicted to the pills, I am trying to clean my life up and sober up.

: Thank you.

You say YOUNG? and how do you just come across these meds??? in a pretty good quantity. Correct me if I am wrong but your require a prescription for these so I can only make one conclusion you obtainded these on the black market. If so stupid first these people are not only making money illigaly but you are getting addicted to a substance much more deadly than Alcohol alone. Trust me I know what I am talking about. If you are serious about cleaning up see a doctor depending how serious your problem is a short stay in hospital might be of help where you will be looked after professionals and you will be given appropriate medication to help you detox.BUT take the above tablets and there is no medication to detox from them. Furthermore a combination of alcohol and these meds can kill you and you wont need detox or live to see a ripe old age you will kill yourself. I can give you this advice as I have been down that road. As for alcohol if you really want to clean up your act and if it is only alcohol at this stage you can do as I suggested or you can do it on your own. Unless you are serious about your future no professional can help you, well yes you will go counceling that you might find helpfull personally I would never waste my money on shrink again. Bottom line is it is you that can change your life and you alone.Unless you truly want this for your self you can do it otherwise you will find youself down the same road over and over until one day it will be to late. If you like I will tell you about my lifes experience in alcohol and honestly feel it might help. You can post a message and I will reply with everthing I have gone through and going through now. But I belive that I am survivor and if I can help anyone I would like to hare my experience with as I am still going through hell and it's not alcohol. I WISH YOU LUCK i hope to hear from you.


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