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Posted by Esa V on February 29, 2000 at 05:45:49:

In Reply to: Addisons Disease Diagnosis posted by Charlene on February 23, 2000 at 12:00:54:

: I would like to hear from as many of you as I can, who have been diagnosed with Addisons Disease. Please let me know How were you Diagnosed? and What symptoms did/do you have? and What tests were done to determined the Diagnosis? I have been feeling very "funny" (I can't explain it exactly) lately and fear I may have Addisons Disease.

: Please RUSH your responses, time is of the essence!

: Gwen Woods

The symptoms I had prior to beeing diagnosed were
a) I was extremely sleepy , my sleeping needs had increased , and I was constantly sleepy
b) extreme fatigue/bad condition , every physical action was a pain , I was unable to ride my
bike to and from my work (it's only 1.5km ~1mile) without having as it seemed , difficult
getting oxygene , it seemed like my lungs weren't functioning.
c) pigmentation (sp) , my skin became darker , for no obvious reason.
d) an urge to add salt to every meal I had (this was really odd , but seems like some sort
of self-defense ??)

The reason I finally (seems like almost a half-year since the symptoms first
started to show up) sought up my doctor was I thought I had asthma , or some
other problem with taking up oxygene in the lungs.
I am now , after 2 months of eating Cortison still sleepy , and after visiting my
doctor today he suggested I would take my second half-dose a couple of hours
earlier than before. Furthermor he wanted me to start eating fluor (sp).

The tests they made consisted of (this is surely not every test they took) ,
adrenal glands antidotes (which they found , my immune system was killing them :().
Another one was they took "some" test of me , injected me with "something"
and then took another test , that pointed towards me having Addison.
And also they took all kinds of blood-test , Na , Ca , you name it.

My suggestion is you should contact a doctor and , if you think you have
Addison , make them take the necessary tests to prove you either have
it or not.

/ Esa V

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