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Posted by mick on June 18, 2000 at 14:59:01:

this may sound mad but here go's my wife was diagnosed with addison's disease about 3 years ago and i have had everything from angry outburst's to tears to why me.and i have not got the answer's and as a loving husband(and ex nurse of 6 years)it is very frustrating when you can not make it go away.i should say it was my fault she found out she had addisons as i would not except the doctors explanation of "she is depressed" and insisted on a second opinion as it were when she was diagnosed the doctor just turned to her and said "you have gone through the menapause because of your illness it has brought on auto-immune ovarian failure and you cannnot have any more children. this was hard for us to except as we were just in the process of getting married and wanted to cement our relatonship with a child of our own (i have 3 girls by my first wife 2 of which now live with us and my wife has 1 boy from a previous relationship who also lives with us .all the children are regarded as our's and nothing would ever change that)but to see my wife's face when she found out was devasating we have tried ivf but that is no longer an option and we have decided to concentrate on the 3 kids we do have and they are all making us very proud I LOVE MY WIFE and what has happened to her is not fair, she is a wonderful mother,wife,and friend and i wish there was more i could do for her she complains she is fat and i know it worries her that i will find a better looking model, but i dont want to,i have found the perfect soulmate she is every thing i could ever want or need.the reason for this message is just to say to any partner's out there of people diagnosed with addisons is that you can cope with the outburst and the tempers (remmember they have a good reason for them,and half the time they dont have control over them either)just stick with it they are not changed people they are still the people that you (and i)fell in love with thankyou anyone who reads this it probably is just a load of rambling but i hope it helps

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