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Posted by true on June 22, 2000 at 15:19:32:

In Reply to: Living with Addison's for three years.......... posted by Rhonda Deal on March 02, 2000 at 13:26:14:

: I was diagnosed with Addison's after a severe crisis in August of 1997. The initial tests were positive. After seven days in the hospital I was retested, this time the levels were low/abnormal, but not positive. My GP put me on florinef .1mg per day to sustain a fairly low/normal BP. For two years, one doc said yes, another would say no. One would give me meds, and another would take them away. After a lot of close calls and miserable days and nights, another GP put me on florinef .1mg per day am, and 20 mg. of cortisone am, and 10mg. of cortisone in the afternoon. I have since gained about 20 pounds, which I have no problem with, but I am not feeling better, if anything worse. I get sick so easily, and so severely that I have to rely on other people to take care of my two children, a 4 yr old boy, and a 10 yr old girl with cp and epilepsy. If I go to the er with a problem, I generally have to diagnose and treat myself to survive the visit.
: The lack of care, and education among drs about addison's is scary.
: I would like to list my symptoms, and if anyone out there can relate, or give me some tips on how to make people understand that just taking meds keeps us alive, but not exactly well would be greatly appreciated.
: This is a long list so please bear with me.
: spiking high temps with or without vomiting
: unable to tolerate heat
: always cold
: stomach pain
: nausea
: migraines
: joint pain
: vision loss/reduction
: unrestful sleep
: exhaustion
: Then there's all the wonderful side effects of the steroids, leg swelling/cramping, osteoporosis(wich has been scanned and confirmed), symptoms of estrogen depletion(even on supplements), terrible PMS, anxiety(wich my gp will not give me anything for), no social life because you are just too tired.
: Please let me know if anyone is out there that feels like I do.
: Bless you all,
: Rhonda

rhonda, i have also lived with addison's for 3 years now. i have exactly the same symptoms you do!!! i only have about 2 days a month without the fever. the body pain and exhaustion sometimes drives me over the edge...i now you know what i am talking about. i do have a good doc..but i would be grateful for just one day to be symptom free and able to enjoy myself. i do keep my sense of humor..but that is even hard sometimes. i feel like giving up..but i know i can't. i was a very active woman before this...could go and go without a problem. now it is different.. i am glad you posted your symptoms cause alot of them are not textbook. i also have the perinicious anemia to go along with it and no matter how well i eat and all the vitamins and b-12 shots my count is still 325 and i know that is very low. i will look for your posts in the future..seems like you and i are dealing with the same symptoms..again thank you for listing your made me feel not so alone. good luck to you and GOD bless you

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