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Posted by Michelle M on October 11, 2000 at 06:00:51:

In Reply to: anyone here of pregnancy-induced Addisons Dx? - for lack of the proper name posted by GERI on October 08, 2000 at 01:02:14:

: Hi. I'm a 39 yr. old woman and I'm new to this, but my family doc is sending me to an endo. as he suspects Addisons Dx. I went to him complaining of pain and weakness in my hands (rule out carpel tunnel?), severe mood swings and irritability, edema, lousy skin--thin and so dry and itchy I'm scarring myself (esp. hands and arms), easily distracted/confusion, abd. discomfort pain (have seen gyne. for past 8 yrs. or so w/ovarian cysts, etc.), constipation, etc. But when I shared an odd happening when I was pregnant with both my children 16 and 14 yrs. ago, he found it very interesting. I broke out in a rash from head to toe (scratching myself raw, and ready to jump out of my skin!), until I was put into the hospital and put on IV steroids, then sent home w/ Rx of Prednisone 80 mg./day, titrating down to 20-40 mg. a day until I delivered. Then, oila! No more rash (that's the only symptom I remember--other than not being able to sleep due to the severe itching). I don't remember a name the tagged on it, but they told me and my husband that I was not making enough cortisone for myself during my pregnancy, and that this was extremely rare. Now, yrs. later, I'm a nurse and have asked numerous docs (including OB/GYNs) if they have ever heard of such a thing, and not one has. Anyone out there here of it? Only an issue when I was pregnant, but then I was told I should be okay after delivery. And basically, I was, until the previosly named symptoms began to develop over several yrs. time. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.

I have pregnancy induced addison's. My endo at the time I was diagnosed explained that it has to to with the hormone change after you deliver. He said that your body goes through more of a hormonal change after delivery and sometimes can trigger your own immune system to destroy your adrenal glands like they were a virus or an infection your body needs to destroy. write back if I can add anything, now that I have stumbled across this mssg bd, I check it all the time. Michelle M.

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