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Posted by Michelle M. on October 26, 2000 at 04:02:06:

In Reply to: Re: addison's disease with extra symptoms during posted by Kim on October 09, 2000 at 03:18:26:

: : I was diagonsed w/ addisons in may of 93. when i crisis I have the following symptoms(beyond the normal diareha,fatigue, skin tone,ect.) my thinking abilities are i'll get asked (by my sons) can i go out? my responce will be ..can't you see I have to go to the bathroom?... makes sense to me at the time.?. Also i mix up words or phrases, I talk faster, & have been told i can't focus on job duties that i normally do well. does anyone reconize this??HELP my endo. says it's not normal but hasn't done any tests( he's new to me, my old endo retired, & said nothing about it.)

: Don't know if my symptoms related to impending crisis, but in the months leading up to my diagnosis I was extraordinarily forgetful and was told that I seemed intellectually impaired. Not sure that I'm my normal clever self yet, but I am beginning to feel more mentally alert now that I've been on meds for awhile, so I believe the cortisol had alot to do with my mental state.

Hi Kim. I too have problems being forgetful still and was extremely forgetful prior to diagnosis. Both of my endos that I have seen since being diagnosed have said it is not related to addison's but don't you know in your gut that it is? I think that addison's has not been researched enough to know all the ways it affects individuals. By reading this message board alone I see that there are many different degrees of affectation of individual addisonians. Also different capabilities after being diagnosed. I know when I don't get enough rest that my thinking is impaired and certain mornings I seem to have to have the cortisol in my system before I am functioning at full potential. During periods of stress I am also impaired. I am currently in the process of getting divorced. when I first heard the news of my soon-to-ex's long-standing affair and her pregnancies (they have a son as of August),My endo had me double my cortizone. The first few times I visited my attorney, I had to take a friend with me because I could not remember the things he said to me or answer questions about our marriage because I could not remember! Currently, I am taking 10mg of paxil, which helps tremendously. I can reason more clearly and new crisiis that arise from this ordeal do not send me for a loop. Even though I was doubling my meds,as we all have to do during any illness in our lives, I was still being affected physically by the stress of this situation for about three mos. So, to sum up, I do feel that some of us have this mental deficiency during crisis.

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