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Posted by Brian on October 12, 1999 at 19:08:53:

I have a friend who has addison's and type I diabetes. Some of our favorite
things to do together are rock climbing and hiking. So far we have been
doing short day trips. Eventually I would like to work up to longer and
longer trips (strenuous day trips -> overnight -> multi day ) as well as
increase difficulty of climbing. I have some questions relating to what
limitations she will have and what additional precautions we need to take.
Obviously, she will consult her doctor on this, but I'd also like to hear what
people's experiences have been. Here are some of my concerns:

1) Hydration - I know very little about Addisons other than the basic
pathology, but I know enough to know this is an issue. On the short trips we
have done, this has never been an issue. But, on longer trips getting enough
water/electrolytes is an issue for even healthy people. How much more so
for those with Addison's? What are the risks, given that on a multi-day trip,
one may be a days hike away from the nearest medical help, or at best,
hours away from any possibility of air evacuation?

2) Injury - its my understanding that Addison's affects the
'fight-or-flight' mechanism of the body. As a result she carries around a
syringe of Solucortef (some sort of adrenalin, I think). A relatively minor
injury can be serious in remote areas, even for healthy people. How much
more so for Addison's? If say, she broke a leg, how long would one injection
last? Is this a 'keep them alive during the 15 minutes in the ambulance'
treatment, or is this a reasonable treatment where evacuation could be
several hours at best and maybe up to several days?

3) What are other issues/concerns?

When responding please keep in mind I understand very little about the
pathology of and how to live with Addison's as I do not have it myself.

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