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Posted by kj on December 01, 1999 at 00:46:03:

In Reply to: .symptoms of addisons? posted by Glenn on November 30, 1999 at 10:38:03:

Glenn, sorry to hear about the hard times you're going through. My husband was diagnosed with Addisons about 18 months ago; through pictures as well as his symptoms, we figure he had symptoms for about three years before he was diagnosed. His first symptoms were major hypoglycemia, breathlessness and fatigue. He was tested for diabetes, asthma and allergies, all negative. An overriding symptom was salt craving--he couldn't get enough of broth, and we never touch salt. Over a long period of time, he got a very tanned forehead, but since he's an avid walker, (and who thinks a tan is a sign of sickness?) we didn't think anything of it. Also over time he couldn't stand the cold or heat--though we've since discovered this is thyroid related, not Addison's. He also has hypothyroidism. No joint pains, or major infections, just overwhelming fatigue, major depression. In the last six months before diagnosis (August 1998), it became apparent something was really wrong. By June, he'd lost about 25 pounds, had constant nausea, diarrhea, was vomiting. We saw two clinic doctors--the first prescribed an antinauseant and sent him away (I'd like to sue his butt, I'll tell you.) The second doctor was quite concerned and thought my husband had a stomach ailment. The doc called us on Thursday night, at home!, to say my husband had a major thyroid problem and needed to see the family doc asap. We booked an appointment for the following Wednesday. However, at 1 am Sunday night, my husband suffered a grand mal seizure, stopped breathing. I gave him mouth to mouth, he was very close to not making it for three days before the neurologist who noticed his tan diagnosed him, and recovery was nothing short of miraculous. Turns out he also had a major stomach virus, which may have triggered his crisis; we were also in the middle of a huge heat wave,and he'd walked home from work in 100 degree heat, then cooked us supper, so his salt was so depleted and he was so dehydrated that he crashed. If you have Addison's, yes, the steroids should make you feel better, though Addisonians react differently to different steroids. Treatment is small amounts by mouth. Check your elbows, behind your knees, forehead to see if you have pigmented areas. Have you been tested for diabetes? Frequent urination, dehydration, fatigue and hypoglycemia are all symptoms of diabetes.Also, you don't mention if you are gaining or losing weight. I would recommend you see your doctor to be tested for diabetes, get your TCH level (thyroid) checked, and ask for an ACTH test, to determine if you have Addison's. I do wish you well; my husband is now back to his former self, lifting weights and going on long walks, in addition to working 12 hour shifts. Addisonians, properly treated, can live as actively as anyone else.

I have been ill for seven years now with an undiagnosed disease. They think I may have lymes disease
: but I am not sure. I get muscle spasms in various muscles such as feet hands neck shoulders. Any infection
: I get makes me so sick I am in bed for days. A lot of people say I look tan or yellowish in my skin, yet I do
: not notice any of the darkening of the gums they talk about with adisons. I do have chronic diarhrea and
: a very irritable bowel. Do people with addisons get any of the following: muscle twitching, muscle weakeness
: sore or irritated areas on the skin, aching sore teeth, can not tolerate cold weather-makes me nauseous, can
: not tolerate hot weather. Any stress such as infection, mental stress, exercize makes me worse. I
: get attacks of hypoglycemia where I am sweating,shaking, have to eat immediately. I have pins and needles
: in my hands and feet. Does addisons cause any joint involvement? My neck gets constantly stifff with the joints
: cracking and creaking with severe headaches. I also have to urinate very frequently when I do not feel well. In
: the summer I am prone to dehydration. If I had addisons would IV steroids make me feel worse or better.
: I had a colitis associated with this disease I think from all the yeast in my system. The doctors biopsied
: it and said they did not know what kind of colitis it was but they gave me IV steroids because they thought
: it was crohns. The steroids made me ten times worse. If I had addisons wouldnt the steroids made me feel
: better? Maybe I still have lymes disease because the steroids lowered my immune system more and the
: lymes disease was able to proliferate more due to my immune system being lowered more from the steroids.
: I would appreciate any feedback from anyone. I have had to give up my career due to this illness.
: Thankyou, Glenn

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