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Posted by [email protected] on February 28, 2000 at 10:20:32:

In Reply to: allergies and breathing posted by doug anderson on January 02, 2000 at 20:20:40:

: i have been to countless doctors all have checked me for asthma which i do not have however it seems in the winter i rely heavily on my inhaler as things tighten up alot probably use to much of it and i know it is not good. i have had shots weekly but have moved back to michigan and am far away from any allergists. not sure if other people have the same problems as i. the trouble breathing and weezing almost makes me feel like i have asthma. i know that i am allergic to cats dust and mold and the first two i am a 4 to an allergest i just want to see if there is any medication i could take to aleaviate my problems and maybe get a whole nights sleep. Thank You
you know on this line we can not give medication sujestion but you sould see an alternative doctor to help you boost your immune system you should read the natural resouce book found in the health store any health store. find a doctor to see if they can test for latex allergy. this is an laergy that most doctors do not know much about so they do not test for it. if you are latex allergic that you are allergic to at least 40,000 things and if you do not stay away from them well, people with a latex allergy end up be disabvled by this allergy i am one i believe that if you find out before you have the lifethreating allergy reaction that you can keep it under control. after 8 years i am finnally getting back some of my life style do not lose yours

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