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Posted by [email protected] on March 14, 2000 at 11:49:31:

In Reply to: anyone else feel light headed and faint when allergies are bad and they posted by gerrard on March 13, 2000 at 22:51:49:

: this may sound wierd but i feel light headed everyday , cant breath throuhg my nose, had cat scans done showed that my sinuses are good just my nose is totally blocked, havent taken anything ,get bad headaches tooo......blood was good.ive also noticed exercise makes it worse that light headed feeling.can anyone relate......??
YOU MIGHT HAVE A LATEX ALLERGY OR A CHEMICAL ALLERGY CALLED M.B.T. AND COLOPHONY-- the systoms are quite a few you are experience is what happens when you blood pressure drops and it does not show in your bloood work and it all the scans they do. you need to look up ALERT for a support group and if you need alternative help see a n alternative doctor and if you want my help i am a latex allergic individual that has appraoched this a different way . i was bounced arround from doctor to doctor for five years with no help and finnally found a doctor that has helped. i do not know why blood test do not tell what s wrong but i found out every hospital my blood test werre different. non were the same.latex allergy should be called a disease i hope you do not have it but if you do . i am the only one who can say i am getting better instead of worse. in april of 1998 i was ready to order a wheel chair and now i am out looking for a job being allergic to latex makes it limiting because in the later stages you become allergic to all scents such as prefume airfresheres fabric softener and deordarts with scents but i would rule this out first then i have also found in my reasearch cerebral allergies check this out too. good luck e-mail me any time

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