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Posted by [email protected] on March 18, 2000 at 22:02:55:

In Reply to: Does anyone else get these symptoms? Tell me I am not crazy! posted by Ava on March 18, 2000 at 09:28:08:

: I feel drained of all my energy. I go to bed so worn out I am honestly dizzy. My vision is cloudy and foggy sometimes too. I itch from head to toe and will scratch until I nearly bleed. My head feels full and my ears feel plugged up. Also the crown on my head feels like it is burning as well. It will come and go. I have very sensitive skin too. If I do ok with a product for a little while then I stick with it only to develop a reaction later on down the road.
: I am still avoiding going outdoors as much as possible. Every night on tv during the weather segment on the news they post the mold and pollen counts and for a week they have both been extremely high.
: I have tried anti itch stuff. No relief. My MD gave me Allegra D. Didn't help. I have tried Zyrtec and it didn't help either. Clairitin used to work for awhile but not anymore.
: Does anyone else experience these symptoms? What else can I try? I am slowly going broke going to my doc and losing my patience. Thanks!
i know exactly what you are goig through. i have been ther and what i have to say is good and bad. most likley you have a latex allergy and a chemicallal allergy to colphony and MBT also look up cerebral allery all of these is most like the problem, know you know you r not crazy . you need to find adoctor that will work with an alternative doctor because your immune systom is not working well. you need supplement to boost your immune system then you need to find a product that your no alleric to meaning soap- i use dove for sensitive skin for my body and hair. i use the moisture lotion from mayo clinic that they make and i am allergic to all antibotic and other lotion so mayo clinic does make a special antibiotic lotion i can use.latex and the chemical allergyies are in food and clothing an all other products . if you think you want to start eliminating all of this from your life to help you e-mail and i will help. this has almost killed me and it took 4 years for me to find a doctor to help. you are not crazy the doctors are just not informed of this horrible allergy that does kill.
the burning in your scaple i get all over my body it is cause from scents and latex in the air. and this can kill

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