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Posted by jennifer on March 18, 2000 at 22:49:43:

In Reply to: Re: red food dyes and possible allergies posted by Andrea on November 10, 1999 at 16:37:08:

: : A friend of mine has a son that is almost seven (7) years old. He is very active, and some would even say he is hyper.
: : My friend already this school year, was asked to come in and talk with the child's teacher and school principle. Their discussion
: : included an idea that he may or may not have an allergy to food dyes. Is this hyperness of a child a sympton of a food dye allergy? Or perhaps
: : is his diet of sugars, and sweetened cereals the main factor?

: : Would a process of elimination each week be a place to start? (ie... remove from his diet, all sugared cereals one week, and log the results if any, and
: : continue with another food or drink that may or may not have these food dyes.)

: I have a son who is 5 and we found out at the age of 18 months that he is allergic to Red Dye #40
: He was on a number of medications for Brochitis at the time (tylenol, cough med. and and antibiotic) He was crazy (hyper) - would not sleep or eat. Could not settle down. We started cutting all red dyes from his daily diet. We thought we were doing the right thing - BUT I have just discovered after calling the Bayer Corporation (who makes my sons chewable vitamins that I have been giving him since age 2 because it only lists having yellow 7 in it) I found out that it does indeed have red dye #40 in it and that they are only required to list one color by the FDA - so what else have I been giving him that has the red dye and it is not listed? Why do they need to add color anyway - they seem to effect everyone differently. I just had another incident that I could not find an antibiotic for my son to take for his scarlet fever( even the white ones had 3 different colors of red, blue and yellow added to them) because they all contain some form of red dye - It makes me angry to know that as a mother I can not do what is right for my child, like give him medication, becuase we (as a consumer) feel the need to have colors added to our products - I think they should all be banned - I have never read anything positive about any color dye.
My 3 year-old son is also allergic to red 40, it seems to be in everything. I suggest letter writing to encourage the FDA to require manufacturers to fully disclose all artificial colors and flavors in products. I have found home cooked, whole foods to be the best way to avoid the dyes. It is difficult though because my son wants all the kid-foods and candy,popsicles,kool-aid jello,juices etc and cant yet understand why he isnt allowed-jennifer

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