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Posted by Paige on March 22, 2000 at 01:03:26:

In Reply to: Re: EYE LID RASH posted by shell on January 29, 2000 at 23:16:15:

: : : : : Has anyone else noticed this problem in relation to computer use? This has been happening to me for the past 5 years or so. I always thought it was computer related (better than 50% of my day is in front of a computer). At one time my eyes would get so red and swollen that I couldn't see (moisturizers only irritate it more), then the swelling would go down and the dry itchy patches would appear. I saw 4 or 5
: : : : : doctors before I found one that could help, but then maybe it was just time for the problem to go away anyway. About the same time, my job changed and I wasn't using the computer so intently in my new position. Now its back (just when I started the intense computer usage again).

: : : : Sally,
: : : : My son has the condition you are talking about,I can't remember the name I think it begins with
: : : : blasto------. Anyway the eye doctor recomended
: : : : scrubbing the eye lid gently each morning and night with a drop of tearless baby shampoo on a washcloth. She gave him an ointment to use but told me he could just use some antibiotic ointment when that ran out.
: : : : She says it is like having dandruff of the eyelashes and that he would always have it but that it might come and go.
: : : : Good Luck
: : : : Shelle

: : : You're talking about blepharitis - and no, it's not that, and its not conjunctivitis. There are times when only the eyelid is irritated and not the edge, and I don't see any flaking on the edge. This only seems to appear when I have changed workstations and am working continuously at the computer. It does not always happen at every computer, so I related it to the monitor. It does not happen when I'm not working continuously for long hours. The irritation is mostly on the center of the eyelid, only going to the edge when it becomes worse.

: : I, too, have eyelid rashes and have tried to find rhyme or reason to what is going on ... sometimes I think it is a mold allery (and, yes I take allergy medications, but none are really that effective for a mold allergy). It seems to happen when I go outside, it's usually a sunny, humid day and probably moldy too. I thought it might be an interaction of sunlight and cosmetics. I have changed concealers many times. When I went to the US Virgins Islands it really got bad! My eyelids looked burnt and bruised and the rash ends where my eyelashes and eyelid touch the skin on the top of my eyelid ( irritation). I DO KNOW that Vaseline helps!!!!! I use this almost evernight at bedtime around upper and lower eyelashes....If anyone knows anything else about this condition, please respond...Good Luck to Everyone! Karen

: angela

: I have some kind of skin condition on my eyes. I've been to the doctor many times (when I go to my regular physician for other things I ask her to take a look at it). It has gotten to the point that when I go to the doctor because it is so unbearable, the doctors don't even look at it, they just write out a prescription for allegra. I was going to go to an allergist/dermatologist, but I couldn't afford it. Anyway, mint flares up once in a while. When it does it starts out as an itchy area above my eye, and then once it starts going away it ends up looking like I have dry, flaky skin in the corners of my eyes. That's where it is the worst, in the inside and outer corners. While flamed up, it is red and bumpy. Sometimes my eye will become a little swollen before the actual bumps and redness appear.
: If anyone has had a similar case, please respond and tell me what your diagnosis was.

I have had a similar eye lid rash on and off for 6 years. I think mine is an allergic reaction but nobody can tell me what it is that I am allergic to specifically. In any case, the dermatologists I have gone to have prescribed an ointment that seems to cure the problem, at least temporarily. The diagnosis was dermatitis with both dermatologists I have seen.

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